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6 reasons millenials are biggest propellers of sharing economy

6 Reasons Millennials Are The Biggest Propellers Of Sharing Economy

Do you need a ride? A room? A meal? Open the app and make it happen in seconds. You know, like why buy the car when you can be…

IPL Match Night Party Checklist

Checklist To Throw The Best Match Night Party This IPL

It’s that time of the year when chants of “India.. India” make way for the whistles of the Super Kings and roars of the Royals. When players from…

12 Tips and tricks to beat summer heat

12 Simple Tips & Tricks To Beat The Summer Heat

It’s that time of the year when the grey clouds make way for the mighty sun, to illuminate in all its glory. The departure of winter and the arrival of…

Minimalism- Owning lesser, to live fuller

What is Minimalism? The idea of minimalism is not to own fewer things but to unburden our lives so we can accomplish more.   Minimalism is not about…

New Year Resolutions Every 20-something Should Make In 2018

New Year Resolutions People In Their 20s Should Make In 2018

New dress, club hopping plans and party, you have sorted it all for this New Year? After all, you are in your 20’s so it is obvious to…

Best Places to arty and celebrate new years in Hyderabad

Best Places To Party & Celebrate New Years’ In Hyderabad

With the year 2017 signing off dropping the hint of newer beginnings, welcoming the New Year in Hyderabad is just the way to celebrate.   Home to awe-inspiring…

New year events & parties in Bangalore in 2018

Best Places To Party & Celebrate New Years In Bangalore

New Year is just around the corner and with only a few days left, you might be planning to welcome 2018 with a bang. If you are a…

The solo living guide - make life simpler

A Guide To Solo Living: How To Make Your Life Simpler

As you venture off into the solo living, you may think – this is going to suck, or it’s going to be the best thing ever! There could be…

Simple ways to make it up to your partner after a fight

5 Easy Ways To Make Up To Your Partner After A Fight

So, you have a fight with your partner. A terrible one! And, now you are feeling tormented and guilt for feeding the brawl and saddening your better half….

9 Commandments To Swear By This Diwali

9 Commandments To Swear By This Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner and so are incessant WhatsApp forwards, facebook posts, and shopping lists that seem longer than Lord Ram’s exile. But the festival of…