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What should businesses be renting vs buying

Rent or Buy? Make The Right Choice For Your Business

Starting your own business? Great! Initially launching a business can be an intimidating process with a number of factors to consider. But the very first thing that strikes…

Frugal living 101 - tips to maximize your savings

Frugal Living 101 – Tips To Maximize Your Savings In Your 20s

Ever thought of giving frugal life a shot?   Well, in simple words, being frugal simply means spending less and saving more! It is about finding that financial…

5 Ways To Stay Fit When Moving To A New City

5 Ways For You To Stay Fit When Moving To A New City

When the unavoidable term of migration starts, fitness goes to the bottom of the priority list. Between all chaos and tension, you tend to forget about health. Not…

the many myths of millennials and their reality

9 Common Myths About Millennials And Their Truth

The most stereotyped generations ever would be the Millennials – roughly around 21 to 35 years old now. Millennials are commonly believed to be the generation that defines…

Internet making moving to a city convenient

4 Ways Digital Age Is Making Moving To A New City Easy

Rewind the clock a decade back and the thought of moving to a new place would send chills down your spine. Honestly, it’s not the thought but the…