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10 Simple & Easy At Home Exercises

10 Simple & Easy At Home Exercises To Get In Shape

Let’s face it! Gym’s these days have become terrible places to do workouts. With trainers behaving like nerdy salesmen, self-obsessed folks and intimidating dudes grunting the mirror, they…

5 Ways To Stay Fit When Moving To A New City

5 Ways For You To Stay Fit When Moving To A New City

When the unavoidable term of migration starts, fitness goes to the bottom of the priority list. Between all chaos and tension, you tend to forget about health. Not…

Dumbbell shoulder and legs exercises at home

8 Simple At-Home Shoulder & Leg Exercises

Workouts are fun but more importantly working out is important to make sure that your mind stays fresh, the body remains fit and your stress levels stay as…

Dumbbell exercises for chest & arms at home

7 Simple At-Home Chest & Arms Dumbbell Exercises

We all dream of having the perfect body. Puffed up chest, broad shoulder, bulging arms and the crowd’s favourite 6 packs abs! While most start working out with…