House parties are fun and the perfect way to wrap up your week; dancing to the best beats destressing yourself and catching up with friends who need a break just as much as you do.


No house party is complete without a small bar and huge volumes of cocktail to keep the crowd going. However, making cocktails can be a tricky task with so many options available and the hassle to gather the ingredients can make anyone take a step back, call off the party and retire to the couch while binge watching tv shows.


In order to avoid being the buzz killer and make your friends want to strangle you, here is a list of 10 cocktails that are perfect for any house party.


  1. Screw Driver
    The screwdriver is an all-time classic among the cocktails. A simple mix of orange juice and vodka over ice makes it delicious and refreshing. Find the entire recipe here.
  2. Mojito
    Mojito’s an easy cocktail to make requiring white rum, sugar, soda water, lime and mint leaves. The sweet sour taste makes it a refreshing drink to have especially during the summer season. A must have for any house party! Click here to view the complete recipe.
  3. Sex on the beach
    Sex On The Beach Drink
    An easy drink made using vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice. The name itself peaks the interest of most to get their hands making it one of the most popular cocktails. Learn how to make it.
  4. Long Island Ice Tea
    Long Island Iced Tea Drink
    An all time favourite of nearly every cocktail lover. The long island iced tea is a difficult drink to master but if you ever want to leave a lasting impression, this drink is all you need. LIIT is made with vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple-sec, sweet-sour syrup, cola and lemon. To check out the entire recipe visit here.
  5. Kamikaze
    Kamikaze Shooter
    Every party has one ‘SHOTS’ person. That person who gets drunk sooner than most people finish their first drink and all you hear rest of the night is ‘SHOTS’. Kamikaze adds flavour to your shots a shooter made with equal portions of vodka, triple-sec and lime juice. Learn how to make Kamikaze.
  6. Jager bomb
    Jagerbomb shooter
    Although a simple shooter to make it can be a little expensive as it is made with redbull and Jagermeister. Fill the larger of the two glass with Redbull and drop in the smaller glass filled with Jagermeister. Voila! Jager bomb ready to go!
  7. Cosmopolitan
    Cosmopolitan Cocktail
    Also popularly known as ‘Cosmo’ gained tremendous popularity in the late 90s as frequently mentioned in ‘Sex and the City’. You need vodka, triple-sec, cranberry juice and lime juice to make this exotic drink. Check out the entire recipe here.
  8. Rosemary Citrus Spitzer
    Rosemary Citrus Spitzer Mocktail
    To complete your cocktail menu for the ‘non-alcoholics’, we recommend to try out the Rosemary Citrus Spitzer. Lemons, oranges, fresh rosemary, honey, and soda water is all that is required to satisfy the non-alcoholics. Read the entire recipe here.
  9. Classic Old Fashioned
    Classic Old Fashioned Drink
    An all time classic bourbon mix that requires bourbon whisky, simple syrup, sugar and lemon. A simple and effective drink to make a lasting impression on the bourbon lovers. Learn how to make this drink.
  10. Elyx Cup
    Elyx Cup Drink
    The Elyx Cup provides a new flavour to the existing roster of cocktails. Made using mint leaves, simple syrup, lime juice, cucumber and vodka (Absolut elyx; preferred) giving you a bubbly and refreshing drink. Time to introduce your group to this new go-to cocktail. Get the entire recipe here.

Drinks are the easiest aspect of throwing a house party, in case you feel lazy you can keep an open bar giving people the liberty to make their own drinks. However, a party needs a lot more!


So while you take care of the drink, let us take care of the rest. Rent all party essentials from lights to music systems, from barbeque grill to hookah. We are here to help you throw the best house party EVER!