17 Incredible Furniture Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

‘In every room, the furniture reflects you larger than life, or dwindling’

Aptly put across by Adrienne Rich, one of the most famous poets of the late 20th century.


The most influential part of your home is the furniture and home appliances that introduce you to the world. They speak louder than you when it comes to representing your esteem. It is definitely necessary for you to catch up the latest trends and that usually comes with a huge price tag with investments.


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With furniture anywhere and everywhere, do you know how interestingly these types of furniture came into existence and to what level people have used them?


  1. Bad Koenig Zell, Germany hosted the first office chair racing championship in 2009 with as many as 70 participants.
    Crazy chair race fact
  2. Furniture is usually the 3rd most expensive thing a person will ever buy after, a house and a car.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  3. Dennis Easterling set up a record of 480 hrs of constant rocking in a Rocking chair.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  4. Leather is a by-product of beef consumption industry, which means that leather furniture is created from what otherwise would go to waste.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  5. Over its lifespan, the average sofa will host around 782 visitors.
  6. People sit on their sofa for an average of 4 hours each day.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  7. The oldest chair is almost 5000 yrs old. Egyptians had some sort of ceremonial chairs used only during big events and celebrations.facts about furniture and appliances
  8. The word “chair“ has zero mentions in the Bible.
  9. Charles Darwin invented the first office chair in 1800’s, to move freely and have access to his tools easily.
  10. Couch originated in Middle English from the Old French noun “couche” meaning to lie down.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  11. The word ‘Chair’ was derived from the Latin word, ‘Cathedra’ which means to ‘sit’ and ‘down’.
  12. Sitting straight upright in your chair is bad for your back. You should instead slouch at an angle of 135.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  13. Your sofa will be used as a bed for more than 500 times in a year, with more than half of it after an argument with your partner or parents.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  14. The average sofa experiences nearly 1500 spillages in this lifetime. Chips/popcorn every weekend, tea or coffee stains 2-3 times a week, wine stains every fortnight and dinner every six months.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  15. You feel safer while watching horror movies on your bed rather than a sofa.
  16. If you ever lose your car/bike key, you 53% chances of finding it between the folds of your sofa.
    facts about furniture and appliances
  17. 85% people never use their dining tables to sit and eat. Many feel the ideal place for dinner is the sofa, watching the TV.
    facts about furniture and appliances


That’s all the facts from our end. If we’ve missed something out do share with us in the comment section below. And, don’t forget to share these incredible facts with your friends and family!

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