We all love pets and nothing can bring life to your homes like these furry family members, who await you and welcome you right from the door with so much love and enthusiasm.

But they do get nasty with the sofas and cushions, and that sweeps away the elegance of home decor. Pets make our life amazing most of the times, but frustrating some times, especially when they are shedding.

Would you compromise on the perfect look for your home for pets, or compromise on pets for a trendy neat home?

Well, there’s a third option too, pet proof your home and don’t compromise on your perfect abode, or your wonderful pet. Here we have listed a few Pet-Friendly decor ideas


  1. Set aside a cabinet place for your pet, preferably off the hall or maybe under the staircase- make sure your pet gets a good amount of daylight and plenty of air circulation and a warm place to make winters and nights comfy. 
  2. The cabin can have a tray with a plastic cover wrapped around, for easy and clean disposal of the poo-poo.
  3. You can also have a lockable drawer or a closet shelf, to store all the pet accessories like the belt, soap, brush and also the pet food.
  4. Have some old rugs put down and then stack up until the pet mattress, this ensures that the bed stays intact, and doesn’t slide away, while the furry bag of joy plays around.
  5. Avoid leather sofas and leather products as it’s a very common tendency for animals to scratch away things, with their notorious paws.
  6. Have pet toys around the furniture down to keep their attention off the furniture.
  7. Camouflage the ‘furniture’ with the ‘fur colour’ of the pet you own. This helps to cover up their shedding a lot.
  8. Have wet mats at the door that your pet uses after a stroll outside. This removes the dust off the paws before entering the house and the furniture.
  9. Use sofas and mattresses with a protective and removable cover- to have a chance to clean up the mess they do.
  10. Tug in the sofa covers, bed covers, so that you don’t provoke any ideas of them using their jaws to pull away the covers.
  11. Never place any of the pet related things near the kitchen or the dining area – to ensure good hygiene.
  12. Keep glassware and fragile breakables out of reach.
  13. To keep away the paws from scratching or gnawing, rub some Vicks Vaporub, on the sofa ends, doors, the walls, or wherever is your pet’s all time favourite.
  14. Plant pungent herbs such as rosemary and sage to keep cats out of a garden bed.
  15. To keep dogs from digging in the garden, create their own play area in a bare spot of soil. Dig a large shallow hole and fill it with sand. Add some toys and your dog has his own sandbox.
  16. A gardening tip to help your pets: use cedar chips for pathways and in beds to help protect your pets from fleas.
  17. During winters, Your pet’s paws are particularly sensitive. Coat them with petroleum jelly or cooking oil to protect them.
  18. Cats will seek the warmth of a car engine in the cold. Honk or hit the hood a couple of times before starting the car to scare away a cat that might be perched inside.
  19. Finally, we provide the methods to remove the pet hair:
    1. Method 1
      Before getting started, remove as much hair as possible by vacuuming the surface thoroughly.Fill a small bucket halfway with room temperature water. This will save you frequent trips back and forth to the faucet.

      Wearing a latex or rubber glove, dip your palm in the water. In a smooth motion, run your hand along the surface, pressing firmly. The hair will stick to the glove. Repeat once or twice until that section is totally hair-free. Dip your hand back into the bucket to remove the stuck-on hair. Repeat until the entire surface is clean.

    2. Easier alternatives to hair removal
      – Sponge
      – Rough surface roller
      – Brush


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