Just moved into a new house? The advance rent, security deposit and maintenance charges must have already dug a hole in your pocket. Despite this don’t you still want to furnish your house in your own taste and style and well as we know, furnishing a house can cost you a bomb if you are looking to buy everything.

So, how do you get everything you want and still manage within your budget? Luckily, the age-old concept of Renting has taken a new face and the sharing economy is seeing a new rise. More and more shifters are adopting renting furniture and appliances as the benefits are very well evident. Do you feel left out in knowing about the reasons to choose renting over buying? Let’s look at the 5 prominent ones right now:

1.Relief for the Pocket:

Renting is definitely among the most positive reliefs for ones who shift to a new city for work, education or marriage. It is a reflection of the millennial century, ‘Changing, Fast and Easy’. With many trustworthy services around, the concept of the shared economy is here to stay. While buying furniture and appliances sounds like a stable plan and renting seems like a short term planning, the reality, in fact, is quite blurred. Renting is no way just a short term planning, it is the smart planning of tomorrow.

Suppose you have just moved to a new place for a year :

If you rent a single bed with a mattress and pillow cover set, you get it at the minimum rate of ₹469/month. If you carry a different taste of aesthetics, there are a plethora of designs to pamper you. The best part is the price per month keeps reducing as you increase the rental duration.

So for a year, you pay ₹469*12= ₹5,628 for the entire set. Plus a minimum security deposit.

If we google, Buy Single Bed we get the following result :

Let’s choose the minimum price of ₹7,500 here, add minimum ₹4,000–5,000 for a basic foam mattress and additional ₹1,000 for bedsheet and pillow cover set. This comes to around ₹13,000, and do notice that this is the minimum price. Now, it is true that ₹13,000 is a one-time lifetime cost but you also will be paying for maintenance with time. So, the cost is not as static as it seems. With renting, you get the option to own the same quality product at such a low price. If you buy the same product you are paying double the amount. Renting services offer free maintenance cycles and free of cost relocation movements so that you don’t have to burn a penny. Interesting and Exciting?

2. Keep Exploring and Experimenting:

If you are someone who believes in living in an aesthetically pleasing environment and love to change the decor of the home time and again, buying is definitely not a choice for you. It will become a pretty costly affair unless you have hit a jackpot 😉

So, how to keep exploring and experimenting with the decor?

Simply Rent it. Renting offers a variety of design choices and many economic deals on packages so you can easily change the decor every few months at almost half the cost you would pay to buy it just once. And did we say, free of cost? Yes, free swapping of furniture designs is a core to many renting services. So, dive into the ocean of options available online and keep experimenting with the decor of the place.

3. Greener and Smarter choice :

With globalization, the world is becoming more compact and connected. As a part of this small and beautiful world, it is our responsibility to make the place a better place to live in. It is our social responsibility as producers and consumers to make decisions that make a bigger impact on the future of society. While at GrabOnRent, as an online rental marketplace, are doing our bit in helping the society in making greener and smarter choices, and now the onus is on you to dive into the sharing economy and make the best use of it. If you share and rent, it ends up saving a lot of natural resources, reduce carbon footprints and eventually reduces wastage – simply because, in a single lifecycle of the product, multiple owners can enjoy using them.

So, the choice is yours and very simple. Either get the best quality products at pocket-friendly budgets on rent and save the resources of planet earth or continue buying at high prices and hurting the environment right in the gut.

4. Always on the move :

If your work or your choice of the profession demands you to keep moving places or if you are someone who likes to live a nomadic life, settling down is an alien concept for you, you are probably living in rented spaces and you are well versed with the concept of renting flats. So, you should save your money even on relocating furniture and appliances by opting to rent. It gives you the freedom to choose whatever you want for any duration of time and then not worry about relocating them or paying any maintenance cost. With renting, your choice of lifestyle would be better defined and you can be tension free.

5. Try and Buy :

Now, comes the answer to the most important question we have related to renting. What if we want something for the long term? Well, we have an answer to that.

Like I said, Renting is just not a short term investment but a smart investment. With buying, you decide to invest in something and if you do not like it later or you get bored with it, then the Return On Investment is very low. But when you opt to rent furniture, appliances or fitness products and end up falling in love with its design that reflects your style, you can easily buy it with our RentToOwn option. You just have to pay the price difference and nothing more. Believe me, it is a win-win situation for you. Nothing can be better than getting a choice to experiment and then decide and that too at such an affordable cost.

Renting has evolved as a go-to mantra and now that you know the benefits, Rent now from us at GrabOnRent.

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