Rakhi, also known as Raksha Bandhan, is a bond like no other. A special bond celebrated between a sister and a brother by tying a special thread. A thread that symbolizes a promise to protect and keep the brother/sister safe.

The terms Raksha and Bandhan literally translate to protection and bond. As per Hindu mythology, the origin of this relationship as we know it dates back to Mahabharata, when Draupadi, tied rakhi to Lord Krishna before he went to war, as a means to keep him safe in the war. But there is a hidden story behind it, the actual origin of Raksha Bandhan was back when there was a war waged between the Gods and Demons. Indra Dev was facing a powerful Demon king named Bali. So Indra’s wife Sachi consulted Lord Vishnu regarding this. Lord Vishnu gave Sachi a cotton thread, called “Holy” which she tied to Indra’s wrist with a blessing for his protection in the war. This shows that originally this cotton thread was not only for siblings but a sacred way for the protection of anyone. Later this tradition changed over time as we know it today.

In today’s world, this is a day when a sister ties a thread-Rakhi on her brother’s hand to keep him safe in the war of life and in return, the brother would brother his sister from all the social evils and harms that prevail in the society.

Well, this isn’t just a Hindu festival anymore. Now any girl, who ties this sacred thread to a boy, irrespective of their religion, shares this sacred bond of brother and sister. Anyone with rakhi is bound under the oath of protection to the person who tied it.

There are great examples of this special bond between brothers and sisters shown in the Bollywood movies as well. Here are some of them:


A movie produced by Subhash Ghai shows the love between son and daughter of a farmer. The farmer does not support sports as a means to grow and become successful. The sister played by Swetha Basu Prasad supports the brother played by Shreyas Talpade and encourages him to grow.


Chup Chup Ke

Chup Chup Ke is a comedy movie produced by Ronnie Screwvala. This movie portrays the love and affection between Sunil Shetty as the brother and Kareena Kapoor as the sister. The film shows how the brother does everything in his power to successfully his mute sister to a good home where she is not treated as a burden.

Chup Chup ke


Released in the year 2000, this movie features Shah Rukh Khan as the brother and Aishwarya Rai as the sister. Aishwarya falls in the love with the brother of Shah Rukh’s rival gang’s leader. Even though there are a lot of turmoils between the gang, the movie finally ends on a happy note.


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Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya

This is a romantic comedy movie, released in 1998 is a great movie to watch with the siblings. The movie features Sohail Khan and Kajol, who share a brother and sister relationship and Sohail protects her from all other guys in college. The movie also features Salman Khan who falls in love with Kajol and to marry her he has to prove how much he loves Kajol to Sohail.


Hum Sath Sath Hain

The 1999 classic movie shows how great is the relationship between a brother and a sister. Salman Khan plays the calm brother who welcomes his sister and her husband when they are turned away by the husband’s brother. He manages to sort everything between them.


Like Bollywood doesn’t back out on showing the royal relationship of a brother and sister then why should we? Show your love to your siblings and celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with them and make them happy.

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