15th August, 1947 – the day our incredible India received her Independence. This Independence Day our Land of Festivals will celebrate the 72nd year of freedom. Since 1947, its people have developed in different ways, such as its rich culture, expressive media, politics, social, new-age technology, etc.


We now have everything at our fingertips. We can control everything in our lives with just a tap. You need to book a movie ticket? Use BookMyShow. You need to order food? Use Swiggy.


We have got an app for absolutely anything now. Every possible thing you can think of is now online on the websites or we have got an application for that. Well the point is, these years have seen the evolution of the country and its people. With aplenty options, free to choose anything.


There is a basic freedom for everything now. Countless number of freedom depending on the choices you make. Let’s say you need to buy a furniture or an appliance for your home. We would say you have the freedom to rent or freedom to save i.e. you can save a lot of money by just renting instead of buying.

easy money

You can rent convertible furniture to save space at home and make your room look more spacious. Boom, again you have freedom of space.

You have freedom to party or enjoy. You can call over friends and party at home or you can enjoy going out with your friends. But be careful and remember that there are limitations to such a freedom. Law and your parents too have freedom.


So, celebrate this Independence Day with GrabOnRent. Be a part of this beautiful independent nation and exercise your freedom. Here are a few freedoms that is brought to you by GrabOnRent:

  • Freedom To Rent

You enjoy the freedom from investing a huge sum in buying everything. The best freedom you can have this Independence Day. You will be able to get any product of your choice for as long as you want without having to pay the whole amount at once. So get the freedom to say adios to buying furniture and say hello to renting.

  • Freedom To Choose

Freedom for you to choose different categories and different products that will allow you to fill up your house and make it look amazing. You get a wide range of products with different variants that would allow you to get the best products in your budget range, from furniture to home appliances to fitness equipment.

  • Freedom To Save

With this you enjoy the freedom to save money by renting the products for variable duration or you can also save a lot of space at home renting out convertible furniture and maximize the the amount of free space by avoiding the bulky furniture. You can rent a Wally Convertible Table which gives you a study stable, bookshelf and a photo frame. All in just one.


  • Freedom To Stay Stress Free/Peace Out/Enjoy/Party

With GrabOnRent you enjoy the freedom to stay stress-free by booking your favorite products in just a few clicks. So forget about all the stress of visiting tens of stores and inspecting each product. We’ve already done that for you, so just lay back on your couch, select the product and get it delivered at your place. Save that little peace of mind, would you.


  • Freedom from Monotony

Say bye to monotony of same interiors for years. Your taste changes with your needs, and so should your home furniture and electronics. You desire and we deliver a fresh look to your home wrapped with amazing offers. Enjoy the freedom from monotony and let your style speak.


And also exercise the biggest freedom one can get – #FreedomToLive. Happy Independence Day!!!



GrabOnRent is a Bangalore-based startup that provides a wide rang e of products across categories. Rent furniture, appliances, fitness equipment and lots more!