5 Tips To Use Air Coolers Efficiently In Summer

Air Cooler or Evaporative Cooler was first invented and used in ancient Egypt and Persia, in the form of wind shafts on the roof. The technology that was first used to catch the wind and pass it over subterranean waters was further developed to form the modern air coolers.

While the mechanism has been considerably improved and sizes have reduced significantly over the past two decades the underlying principle still remains the same.

An air conditioner uses vapor-compression refrigeration in contrast to air coolers that lower the temperature of air using the principle of evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is the addition of water vapor into the air, which causes a lowering of the temperature of the air. The energy required to evaporate the water is taken from the air in the form of sensible heat, which affects the temperature of the air, and converted into latent heat, the energy present in the water vapor component of the air, whilst the air remains at a constant enthalpy value.

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Now, that you know the underlying principle of an air cooler here is four tips to ensure maximum efficiency of your air cooler this summer season.

1) Proper ventilation in the room: A smooth airflow is essential for cooling. It’s also important to create good ventilation in the room to push the humidity out. In order to do this, you need to open windows in the room. Take care not to open them too wide or it will only result in increasing the room’s temperature.

2) Position Of Air Cooler: The best place to position your air cooler is right in front of the window. Hotter the air, faster the evaporation and cooler the air blown out by the fan. Once set the cooler should not be moved around.

3) Water & Ice in Air Cooler: Most coolers have a screw fixed detachable back to facilitate adding water. Make sure the level of water used in an air cooler is clean and up to the indicated level. Also, adding ice to the water makes the pads cooler, resulting in cool air passing through them. Adding too much ice can also cause the evaporation process to slow down, hampering the efficiency of the air cooler.

4) Cleaning Of Air Cooler: It is important to clean the water tank and make sure there are no leaks. A quick swipe over the fan blades will help improve efficiency.

5) Handle With Care: It is important to know that placing a cooler on uneven platforms, moving air coolers when on and interfering with the rotary blades, results in quick wearing down of the air cooler and could also potentially compromise the product.

The temperature has been on the rise and it’s becoming increasingly tough to cope up with this dreadful treat. Though air coolers and conditioners do provide some relief, here are few more tips that can come handy this summer!

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