It is already a week into the new year or so-called “New Decade”. If you are still wondering how did time fly by so soon, I am sure you are still far away from your new year resolution. It might be an early resolution rush that is keeping you going for the goal but the main point is how long do you stay true to achieving those new year goals. Trust me you are not the only one in this race, every year around 73% of people who set fitness goals as New Year’s Resolutions give them up, 80% of them give up by February and only 8% of the people make it past those hurdles and complete their fitness goals.

Even though Fitness is the most popular new year resolution, it is also the most easily given up resolution because it requires a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work. Believe me, it is not that difficult as it sounds, if you are willing to put the above-mentioned read along with the 5 ways to start your fitness regime in full swing and get the ball rolling :

  1. Know your intent: 

This is one of the first steps of any goal you want to achieve. You must know ‘Why’ you want to achieve something and what is your motivation in achieving it. Remember times when you woke up early to just catch the GOT episode or to reach the exam hall. You knew it was important and had to be done. Similarly, if “Losing weight” or “Getting Fit or “Eating Healthy “ is your goal this year, make sure that you badly want to achieve it. Humans are wired to work on a need of urgency otherwise we keep procrastinating. So, if you still want to achieve your strong resolution, clear your intent and find your motivation. We function in a manner that until we know there is nothing beyond this we will never awaken the beast in us.

2. Start with smaller and achievable goals:

No one can reach the highest peak in one day, you start by climbing one step at a time and gradually you learn and grow. Most of us want to build, Rome in a single day and that is where we falter and fail. For Example: If you fix a resolution of getting a Six-pack body and you schedule your diet and workout around that in the first week, the probability of failing is very high. The reason is you will exhaust yourself soon. So what to do? Break your resolution into smaller achievable goals. Start one step at a time and be patient. Your body and mind are not prepared for the change. Give it some time. Start with 10 minutes of workout then increase it to 15 minutes the next day, like that keep raising the bar high little by little. So that you are improving yourself each day, get a feeling of accomplishment and you don’t stress out yourself too much in one day.

3. Maintain a planner and set a deadline:

Now that you know why and how you are trying to achieve one step at a time, you need to make sure that the schedule is well maintained. You are consistent in your schedule and not easily distracted. Most people start off well with a clear intent and motivation but fail to maintain their schedule and so this step is a tricky part. Make a flexible plan that takes into account your work timings and everything you do in a day. Start with things that can be managed with your schedule and try to plan your day effectively. So that you get enough time for everything. Other than this, most importantly make every action accountable by setting deadlines.

4. Set up in a home gym :

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 The strong resolution of the first week pumps in around 60% of people who end up registering in Gyms paying almost 20K-30K every year without even turning up. One of the biggest reasons why you end up failing is the lack of time and energy to walk up to the gyms. So are you going to make a change this year and be a part of the top 8% of people who finish the race? Believe me, you can do it if you make it convenient for you. Set up at-home workouts, which can be done in minimal space with minimal equipment. We at GrabOnRent bring to you the best fitness products on rent for serious fitness enthusiasts just like you. Rent these products and be fit at your own convenience. Save yourself from the hassles of going to the gym and save your time.

5. Make it a fun group activity:

Doing things alone can be boring. Studies show that humans are competitive by nature and we get motivated if we have someone to compete along with. You can tag your spouse or roommate or any friend and work out at home together. You can set goals and see who reaches them first and make exercising a fun activity. Social interaction has been shown to increase fitness compliance. Make plans together It’s not easy to work out when it’s boring. Do something you love and enjoy. A small study published in Germany last year showed that compared to a “no fun” control group, subjects who were smiling and laughing during exercise were statistically more likely to stick with their exercise program.

It is never too late and surely you must have heard it is better late than never. There is no next time, not tomorrow, it is still not late. Get on your running shoes and finish the final race to your goal. You can surely rent from us the fitness products of your choice at affordable prices.

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