Diwali is just around the corner and so are incessant WhatsApp forwards, facebook posts, and shopping lists that seem longer than Lord Ram’s exile. But the festival of light does fill us with a sense of joy, with mouth-watering sweets, and the colourful lights adding colour to the darkness of the night.


The festival of Diwali doesn’t just mark the joyous return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya but also marks the start of the Hindu New Year. Making it only fair to start off this Diwali, with these 9 commandments for happier and merrier Diwali,

  1. Thou Shall Put Family Before Work

    First things, first, this Diwali take a step back from work and choose to spend some quality festive time with your family, and friends. After all, Diwali is a festival of bringing people together. Ideally, you shouldn’t receive work-related emails & calls but then an ideal world doesn’t exist. Make sure to clear up all the work to avoid working instead of relaxing.

  2. Thou Shall Clean & Organise Home

    With the hustle of everyday life, cleanliness isn’t the top most priority for all most of the time. Take some time out to clean up your home, the cobwebs in the corner, and shining old memorabilia.


  3. Thou Shall Not Binge On Sweets

    Yes, you are on a holiday and cheat days are allowed, but think before you go all Hulk on the sweets and fried delicacies of the festive season. You can install apps like HealthifyMe that helps you keep a track of your calories so that you don’t lose an eye on your fitness goals.


  4. Thou Shall Choose To Live Smarter

    Diwali calls a time for shopping, not just clothes, but new furniture, electronics and gold. This Diwali, choose to sell your old goods at GrabOnRent and get 25% more on the value of your items. Also, with renting furniture being easier than ever it can prove to be a smarter choice helping you make a perfect impression, and make it simpler to change as you want.


  5. Thou Shall Not Spam With Forwards

    This should be a commandment for every festival and every occasion from now on. If you want to wish someone, send them a personalized message even if it is something as simple as ‘Happy Diwali’ that is more valuable given that most would ignore the lengthy forwards and not care to read through them.


  6. Thou Shall Choose A Healthier Lifestyle

    It’s never too late to start living a healthier life and Diwali might just be a perfect time. Incorporating a workout routine can help you stay fit and healthy. Rent fitness equipment to ensure you are able to squeeze in your workouts from the comfort of your home without burning a hole in your pocket.


  7. Thou Shall Not Burst Any Crackers

    Now, that we have spoken about living healthy, this time it might be a good idea to avoid bursting crackers during Diwali. While, you may be laughing and giggling over funny dog videos, you bursting crackers puts them in fits of anxiety due to loud noises. And, let’s not forget climate change and air pollution is just getting worse every passing year and it’s only right for us to do our bit. However, not all would choose the right path, it would be a smart choice to rent an air purifier for you and your family to help you from the harmful effects of air pollution during and after Diwali.


  8. Thou Shall Let Go Off All Grudges

    You’ve come a long way in the past one year, many memories made, many events experienced. Some left a sweet tingling taste, some made everything else sour. Let go off all the grudges and baggage of the past year and decide to move forward. Be it a bad break up, or an unsettling argument with your boss. It’s time to forgive whoever or whatever was at fault, even if it was you who you’ve been mad all along. Time to forget whatever happened, it’s in the past can’t change so forget it and make the most of your today.


  9. Thou Shall Make Time For Yourself

    Lastly, promise yourself to take time out for yourself every now and then. You may not notice it now but we all need some time to pause and reflect everything from a holistic view. It’s what gives us perspective, and helps us know better what needs to be done for the road lying ahead.


These are just a few that we could come up with, a few that have the power to make a real change in your life. So, vow by these commandments for a merrier future and joyous Diwali. Also, do share with us what you vouch by in the comments section, and share it with your family and friends.


Wish you a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year.