As the world leads to a step higher, technology takes a parallel path with it. If we look around it’s all about science and technology and there’s nothing without it, not even the glass of water we take in.


In this growing world, the needs and wants of individuals and organizations have led to ideas and further development in the era. From the pigeon messenger to the digital world, everything has taken a new face to help the mankind.


Let’s take a look at the recent developments in the field of technology.

  1. Reversing Paralysis

    Reversing paralysis

    (Above): A close-up of a brain-reading chip, bristling with electrodes. (Below): Flexible electrodes developed to simulate the spinal cord.

    Brain implants to restore freedom of movement that spinal cord injuries take away are a new thing scientists are practicing these days. Reversing paralysis involves, wirelessly connecting the brain=reading technology directly to the electrical stimulators on the body. It is termed as neural bypass which enables a person to move his limbs with the help of his thoughts.

  2. Self-Driving Trucks

    Autonomous trucks

    Sounds interesting, ain’t it? Really a thing for the truck drivers’ future. Autonomous trucks will soon be hitting the highways. This technology will be live in 5-10 years. This is going to be a boon to safety, addition economical advantages.

  3. Paying with your face

    By far the safest way. China these days uses face detecting systems for all secure dealings. Other countries are soon to follow. This face recognizing technology may change the world in the near future. It might change the way of policing and way people interact with banks, stores, and transportation services.

  4. 360-degree selfie

    This digital world is all about pictures and social media. These cameras will change the photography trend and a new era will rise. Using this 360-degree camera, users will be able to capture the 360-degree view of a place. A mouse cursor or finger tips can be used to explore the image.

  5. Gene Therapy 2.0

    A cure for the hereditary diseases that could not be cure has been resolved. A new approach is being taken to see if cancer and heart disease can also be cured in similar ways. This technology treats genetic disorders, but more research is being done to cure common diseases.

  6. The Cell Atlas

    The name says it all. This biological project will help us know ourselves better. Following this three technologies are coming up. First is cellular microfluidics for individual study, second is the identification of active genes in single cells by decoding them fast and cost effectively and third involves labeling cells according to their type.

  7. Disney’s Magic Bench

    This is really interesting because without any special camera or glasses if you sit on the magic bench you will be able to interact with the animated characters. A camera and sensor are used to gather information about the physical objects in depth, and the algorithms are integrated with the 3D animations. Finally, the haptics sensors are used to create the illusion.

  8. Robot kit for Kids

    This is a huge solution to many problems. This has been designed for younger kids that change programming into a game your child will what to play. Lego Boost comes with a tiny 847 Lego bricks along with one motor, IR sensor, a Move Hub that serves as the CPU. The Hub can be connected to a system via Bluetooth so that it can receive the code. It can also be connected through wires.

  9. Battery-Free Cellphone

    The major trouble for many people is the cell phone’s battery draining really fast. But this new cell phone uses such less power that it can run 24/7 without a battery. A tiny photodiode, smaller than a pinky finger in size, collects ambient light while a radio frequency harvester makes it possible to use energy sent out wirelessly from a homemade cell tower, called a base station.


The world’s moving fast and every now and then we come across inventions that leave us baffled and a little short of words. From hoverboards to snap spectacles, innovators are pushing the envelope in the field of technology. While not all inventions will fill you with the feeling of excitement, to be a proud owner, you can always rent latest gadgets and give it a go!