12 Best Activities In Bangalore For The Adventure Junkie

Nothing can replace the incredible times with your friends.


At the end of the week, nothing beats stress better than catching up with your buddies, grab a few drinks, hit the roads, or just add a touch of adventure to get the adrenaline running.


Bangalore is home to the fun, crazy and audacious. The love for crazy and awesome thrills in town has made it a necessary topic to list the best!

  1. Parasailing

    Parasailing adventure spot in bangalore

    It’s a sail up the skies, gentle enough for all ages. The guides ensure your safety and the speeding motor gives the necessary momentum for the parasail to lift up.

    It’s a joyride for the doughty, but if you’re among the weak hearted, you will never make it easy. If you somehow manage to gather enough courage for the first ride, you would soon be running back for another round. It’s just that awesome to fly through those skies – to be a bird for once!

  2. Dirt Bike Racing

    Dirt bike racing adventure spot in bangalore

    Love off-roading and have a passion for racing is your thing, then Dirt Mania, is the place for you.

    Heavy Duty bikes, with 50 CC ranging up to 800 CC and you also have the option of choosing the automatic or the Geared ones. Just pick up the one with your best choices and race down the custom built dirt tracks.

  3. Zorbing

    Zorbing adventure spot in Bangalore

    100%fun 0% skill

    It’s the favorite adventure of thrill freaks and with so much traffic in town, there are many zorbing activities happening on the outskirts of the city, in popular clubs like Discovery Village.

    Hydro-Zorbing is the most exciting variant of Zorbing and is made the best attraction is many clubs inside the city.

  4. Wall/Rock Climbing

    Wall climbing adventure spot in bangalore

    Ultra fan of Spiderman?

    Well, Bangalore offers the budding superheroes a moment of joy over a thrilling achievement!

    It is a high-intensity sport, with lots of stamina and an equal amount of courage. If you’re a climbing enthusiast but just an amateur, then you do have loads of spots to start off your journey. From the Kanteerava stadium to the Courtyard Cafe on the Double road.

    If you wanna experience the sport with skill, rappelling and rock climbing head over to Turahalli, Savandurga and Chitradurga.

  5. Bungee Jumping

    Bungee jumping adventure spot in Bangalore

    The most unbeatable adventure for the dare devils! And don’t even think of it, if you doubt your nerve! With such a huge requirement for safety and also the equivalent space for incredible fun, there are a few amazing spots for Bungee Jumping in Bangalore.

    Ozone is one of the famous places for bungee jumping off a crane. While Bangalore Mountaineering Club (BMC) in Phoenix Market city witness huge turnouts each year, along with Kanteerava Stadium.

  6. Paintballing and  Laser Tag

    Paintball adventure spot in Bangalore

    A half day at work?

    Or a mass bunk in college?

    Head to the nearest places offering paintball & laser tag to have the best time with your friends and you’re bound to have loads of fun, at less cost and with minimum issues of traffic, for these places are available at nearly all the top spots in the city.

  7. Escape and Mystery Room

    Escape mystery room adventure in Bangalore

    Sherlocked? Always loved the detective stories or grew up admiring the dream squad of CID? (Don’t worry you won’t have to break down any doors. :P)

    Here’s the level of mystery that would make you slip into the shoes of a detective with interesting story lines and mysteries to be solved with inquisitive clues.

    Head to the Escape Room in Koramangala or Indiranagar, along with your detective lenses and a bunch of like minded friends!

  8. Trekking

    Adventure trekking spots in Bangalore

    The elevation and the lush green landscapes around Bangalore are making it the best place for hiking and trekking a day out!

    If your hobbies include indulging into the woods, photography, soothing streams, and adventure – take a break from the sedentary lifestyle and rush out to Savandurga, Kuntibetta, Skandagiri, and Bheemeshwari.

  9. Wonderla or FunWorld

    Wonderla in Bangalore

    Very much the place that Bangalore is famous for!

    Wonderla – the dream destination for every youngster craving for some heart racing moments! Fun World being a miniature adventure park serves the same needs within the city limits!

  10. Snow city

    Snowcity in Bangalore

    Ever wondered when it would snow in Bangalore?

    Well, you must be living under the rock!

    Head to Fun city, Opposite to TV tower, to find Snow city adjacent to it. Experience the life of Eskimos with a similar outfit with boots and gloves and a huge jacket to protect you from the freezing snow while you have loads of fun inside!

  11. Snorkelling

    Snorkeling spots in Bangalore


    Bheemeshwari nature camp, Galibore nature camp, Bannerghatta nature camp are places where you can put up for practicing these awesome thrilling water adventure activities.

  12. Ziplining

    Zipling spots in Bangalore

    The aerial sport which involves a glide down a cable rope between high terrains.

    It’s usually a hotspot for tourists in places like Nainital or Rishikesh, but Bangalore is no less when that fun is created in moderately smaller elevations, but available throughout the year!

The need for adventure in life
Every once in a while at some point, we all are filled with a sense of monotony, filled with the will to break free and live each moment. It’s okay to feel stuck, and it’s easier to feel alive than we think it is. Take a weekend off and indulge in an adventure sport, face your fears head on, and get your adrenaline pumping.


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