In today’s fast-paced lives we are constantly trying to get more out of everything we do. Trying to maximize the returns especially in our professional lives. Working longer hours, trying to be ahead of the curve, countless all-nighters to acquire that skill that puts you ahead of your peers.


Amidst all the hustle we tend to take our health for granted. Today, our diets are filled with burgers and fast food junk, our sleep cycle is as minimal as possible, and staying fit doesn’t even feature as a priority for most of us.


Fitness and workout regimes aren’t just means to get those perfect six-pack abs or be ripped like Dwayne Johnson. Benefits of working out go over and beyond just the physiological changes we and the outer world sees, it affects you on a mental and a cellular level, affecting your mood and developing a stronger immune system. Below are 8 such benefits of exercising regularly that are sure to motivate you to make fitness your topmost priority.

  1. Increases Happiness Levels

    Happiness is the major driving force for most of the things we do, be it in our professional life or planning that romantic date for that special someone. Happiness has always been the underlying factor.

    Several studies have proven that people who workout or exercise regularly, tend to be happier and energetic in comparison with their peers. Also, people who exercise regularly have found to be more happy on days when they were able to get their workout done than other days.

  2. Lowers Health Risks

    Be it a superstar or just a kid, aging is a phenomenon that no one can escape.

    As we grow older, our immune system tends to weaken causing respiratory issues, weaker joints, and slower brain processing. According to studies, regular exercise can help strengthen your immune system. Also, the rise in your body temperature right after a workout session helps prevent any bacterias from further growing.

  3. Helps With Better Sleep Cycle

    Having suffered from insomnia myself, I truly understand those frustrating nights when you are incapable of falling asleep and are found tossing and turning all night long.

    Exercise can help you correct those sleeping patterns by strengthening your circadian rhythm, helping you stay active during the day and induce sleep at night. However, these aren’t immediate results as research suggest it can take up to 4 months for exercising to have a positive effect on your sleep cycle.

  4. Helps Tackle Stress, Depression & Anxiety

    Did you know that 15% of India’s population suffers from depression? And, as many as 25% CEOs in today’s time?

    Studies indicate that working out after a rough day at work, and even exercising regularly can have a positive effect on your mental health. When you workout your brain secretes feel-good endorphins, helping you enter a better state of mind. In many cases, exercising has proven to be as helpful as antidepressant pills.

  5. Boosts Confidence Levels

    Confidence goes hand-in-hand with how one sees his own self-worth. Working out regularly can bring immense physiological changes, boosting your self-worth and confidence.

    While getting the perfect body shouldn’t be the only driving force for you hitting the gym, it’s hard to argue that looking fit and healthy does make you feel good about yourself.

  6. Boosts Memory

    As age catches up with you there are certain obvious changes you start noticing right from slower reflexes to forgetting little things. While it might seem innocent it truly isn’t.

    Exercising regularly, especially running or swimming, have proven to increase the size of your hippocampus responsible for your memory and learning.

  7. Helps Overcoming Addictions

    If you are overly dependent on harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol, or even caffeine, exercising can help you break those addictions.

    The above-named substances when consumed force the brain to secrete dopamine, a feel-good endorphin, making them addictive. Studies have found that same endorphin is also released when you squeeze in a rigorous or a mild workout. A little bit willpower and a healthy workout regime should mean the end of all your addictions.

  8. Motivates You With Other Goals In Life

    Goal setting is one of the biggest ways to help you stay motivated and boost your confidence. When starting to workout it is advisable to have defined set of goals and a regime that helps you attain those goals.

    Reaching small fitness milestones can help you develop confidence in taking up bigger goals while influencing the same habit in your day-to-day life.


Squeezing in a workout session doesn’t essentially mean hitting the gym and powerlifting or bodybuilding. It is as simple as taking 30-40 minutes a day, for a run with some simple, or even activities like swimming can help you go a long way.


You can also set up a basic gym at home, rent fitness equipment, like a treadmill, cycling machine, and dumbbells and get enough exercise to help you stay healthy and fit. Visit our online store for more!