Every time you postpone your fitness plans; it is mostly because it sounds too much efforts and too many equipments. What if you find equipment which helps you get the complete athletic build. Well, Power Air Rower is exactly that hidden gem unearthed by very few.  The powerhouse machine is still not very popular because most fitness newbies do not know the right way to use it. We will come to that someday else.

For now, let’s now count the benefits of using a Power Air Rower which I am sure is going to blow your mind and pump you with motivation to start burning calories on it soon.

1.Toned Upper Body: 

The rowing machine works on the shoulder and back muscles. This helps in achieving a perfect toned upper body and helps you build the biceps, pecs and abs. You will also develop strong wrists and hands as you have to constantly maintain a strong grip on the oars.

2. Easily burns calories:

Air Rower is the efficient calorie-burning friend you never had. In comparison to other exercise equipment, a rowing machine burns an average of 600 calories per hour. Well, that is a whole lot of sweating out so imagine once you get the hang of the machine, how quickly you burn that extra slab of fat.

3. Greater Strength and Improved Endurance:

Working your entire body on the machine is exhaustive but at the same time, it increases your capacity to bear the exhaustion to double. You feel greater strength as all your muscle groups are in action. Thus, it challenges you to beat your capacity every time.

4. Heart and Lung functions improve:

Rowing exercises works on all the muscle groups and keeps your entire body engaged. Due to this you sweat and breathe in more oxygen which helps improve heart and lung function. Your strong and soft heart works harder to meet the oxygen demands.

5. Improves Body Posture:

Keeping your arms and back straight and flexing your knees and ankles helps you to maintain a good posture making you look taller and stronger.

6. Preserves joints by providing a high intensity, low impact and non- weight-bearing workout:

It is great for making joints stronger and pain resistant. It does not put a lot of impact on the joints plus there are no weights to be managed that make it more convenient.

7. Full Body Workout:

 It is an all-in-one workout machine which helps in calorie burning, allows cardiovascular work and tones the body. It is one of the most versatile and effective machines that focuses on the upper and lower body.

8. Helps you lose belly fat:

It helps you to achieve those perfect abs and toned belly that everyone can be envious of. Pushing in and pulling out helps you lose the stubborn belly fat. Just get used to the machine and you will be soon ready to flaunt the perfect belly.

The All-in-one power-packed machine is your perfect friend who looks after you completely. So, the next time you procrastinate your fitness plans read about these mind-blowing benefits and get all pumped to mark your new fitness game. Make your fitness regime easier by bringing power air rower to your home on rent

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