6 Best Street Food Places In Hyderabad

BIRYANI! It’s the first thing that pops up in anyone’s head when Hyderabad is associated with food. After all, Hyderabadi biryani has left its mark not just in Hyderabad or India but all around the globe.


The connection of Hyderabad and food goes deeper than just biryani. Lanes of stalls set in different areas across the country attracting not just Hyderabadis but even passersby to stop and indulge in street side delicacies.


From biryanis to samosa chat, dosas to chole bhature, ice cream to Irani chai; Hyderabad galore with street side food. We took the liberty to shortlist a few street food vendors that you absolutely can not miss when in Hyderabad.

  1. Sardarji’s Chaat, Gachibowli

    Located in Gachibowli next to HDFC, Sardarji’s chaat is the place to go if you are craving some authentic Punjabi food! Be it chole bhature or Punjabi lassi, you’ll never leave this place disappointed.
  2. Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad

    If you are one of those who is always confused with what to eat, Sindhi Colony won’t make your life any easier. With stalls lined up serving from South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, Chaat, Gujarati to Italian food. Sindhi Colony is a food lovers paradise.
  3. Pragati Gully

    Located in the alleys of Sultan Bazaar, Pragati Gully is the perfect place for south Indian breakfast. From masala dosas to filter coffee, the perfect way to start your day in Hyderabad.
  4. Ram Ki Bandi

    “Work smart, not hard.” And Ram Ki Bandi seems to follow that religiously. Starting the business at 3 AM in the morning, the places seems to abuzz with students, drivers, localities and tourists. They dish out everything from butter dosa, cheese dosa, pizza dosa to fried idlis. As the world awakens at 7:30 AM they shut shop and head home. You know where you’re heading next time you crave food early in the morning.
  5. Famous Ice Cream

    Nothing but mere a small shack from the outside, with ice creams that’d give Baskin Robbins and other fancy names a run for their money. Famous for its seasonal fruit ice creams like mango, watermelon, figs and lots more. It’s the only ice creams place you’d ever want to visit this summer.

  6. Nimraf Irani Cafe

    Your Hyderabad trip is never over until you’ve watched the Charminar while sipping on some Irani chai and munching on Osmania biscuits. Nimraf Irani Cafe located right opposite to Charminar is one of the best places to go for this iconic experience.


While you are in Hyderabad do check out these places and binge on some amazing street food! And, if you love food as much as we do, do let us know your favourite place to grab some street side food in Hyderabad.


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