Health and fitness have become extremely essential today’s lifestyle. Today we see a lot more people going to the gym than ever before and the reason for it is the growing awareness of declining health due to lack of fitness. People find their own way of tackling this problem. Some go to the gym, some find that dieting is more helpful and some just exercise at home.

On one hand, where the number of people taking gym subscription is increasing gradually, the number of people who wish to set up a gym at home, has also elevated due to lack of time to go to the gym. It is not necessarily the only reason but is one of the major reasons. You might also plan a home gym in the near future if you are thinking one of the following thoughts:

  • Conscious of working among so many people in the gym.
  • You know your way around workouts and all you need are the equipment.
  • It seems less expensive to take rental gym equipment than taking a gym subscription.
  • Need privacy and personal space is also a reason and personal security really matters when there are so many people working out together

Cost Of Setting Up A Gym

What are some of the most common thing needed to set up a basic gym at home? A treadmill, a power air rower, an exercise bike, a cross trainer, a yoga mat and some dumbbells probably. Let’s see how much would it cost to buy each of these equipment.



Buy Price: Rs 21,000 – Rs 40,000
Rent Price: Rs 1,189

Power Air Rower

air rower

Buy Price: Rs 1,10,000 – Rs 1,35,000
Rent Price: Rs 1,909

Exercise Bike

exercise bike

Buy Price: Rs 10,000 – Rs 30,000
Rent Price: Rs 549

Cross Trainer

cross trainer

Buy Price: Rs 10,000 – Rs 25,000
Rent Price: Rs 789

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Buy Price: Rs 180 – Rs 800
Rent Price: Comes as a freebie in packages.



Buy Price: Rs 400 – Rs 1000
Rent Price: Comes in package with bench and weights.

Whether you are trying to maintain your shape or build up muscles, regain your lost stamina or just stay fit and healthy, these equipment will help you to do all sorts of exercise. Perform cardio exercises with treadmills and muscles with the dumbbells and power rower. Tone and condition your body by focusing on upper body, or lower body, whichever you wish.

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