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Checklist for Easy Kitchen Cleaning and Maintenance

It might not look like it to the naked eye, but microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba reveals that there are more germs in your kitchen than in your toilet….

Space Saving Ideas

Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Living and Dining Room

Moved to your new home recently? Years of hard work, sweat and determination have finally worked out but space is still a problem, right? Finding a spacious house…

Pick the right mattress for you

Choosing the Right Mattress for you: Step-by-Step Guide

Imagine sleeping peacefully and comfortably on your bed, the first image that pops up in the head is the comfort of the soft mattress. Replay this in slow-mo:…

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Simple tips and tricks to clean and maintain your refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the coolest inventions for this generation. It is literally the soul for food, making life chill and easy. But, what about caring for…

single door fridge

How to Choose Right Size Refrigerator for Your Home |Simple Guide

Our lives have literally become chill and cool with the invention of Refrigerators. They have become the everyday essentials of life, joyfully filling our lives with leftover pizza…

It's time to change your mattress

When to Change Your Mattress? Top 5 warning signs it is time

If a mattress is all you can think of these days, chances are it is time to change your mattress. Good mattress for a bed is exactly like…

Living Room Furniture

How to Mix and Match Furniture in Living Room | Top 7 Tips

Finding a nice affordable house and then choosing the right furniture for it is never a cakewalk. It is a long process of fixing a budget, looking for…