Flatmates can be the one, who can accompany you just to share the extra room in your house or maybe loosen the house expenses. Whatever it may be, so let’s just suppose, that you have just shifted to a new home or planning to shift to a new one and you are looking for flatmates. What do you do? How do you find the perfect roommate who would share your interests and would also be okay with your habits? You don’t have to draft an agreement with all the clauses for future like Sheldon did for Leonard in The Big Bang Theory.

Roommate agreement

Sure it did work out for them, but this is India boss. The metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, etc. are very different than the ones in the United States. So in order to find here are some tips that will lead you to find a good roommate.

First, put a post that you want a roommate in a facebook group. Groups like Put Me In Touch With <city name>, Flats and Flatmates, etc will help. Include the pictures of your flat and put as many details about the house as possible – surroundings, size of flat, furnishing, rent, facilities, etc. Now, people will post comment or message you once your post goes live on the group.

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Once you start getting these messages and comments, check out their profiles and recent activities. You will also be able to see their education, work, religion (FYI I ain’t being racist, I am just stating this because it’s India we are talking about and sometimes it does matter to people that, of what religion their roommate is), likes, interest, taste for food and movies, etc etc. So this way you can easily check if the person you are going to select is a perfect roommate for you or not, but don’t start stalking him/her.


Once you have narrowed down the candidates for it have a word with them and also check who is going to pay more and who is easier going. Of course, everyone wants a roommate who can take care of some expenses.

Now you do want your roommate to like you, right? So, if the roommate who is shifting doesn’t already have stuff, do him a favor and help him get some furniture on rent. Buying it would obviously be heavy on his pockets. You can help him rent a bed or maybe something else. You can also rent a sofa-cum-bed and keep it in the living area so you can chat with some popcorns watching a match or movie on the TV.


By the way, if you haven’t found the place yet, you can look for it on Facebook groups or you can just find it on NoBroker/Commonfloor and if you are looking to rent furniture and appliances then go to GrabOnRent.


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