The gentlemen’s game, Cricket which was introduced to the World by England is the 2nd most popular sport with 2.5 Billion followers! Among these 2.5 Billion fans, you surely can see fans across varying levels of passion. Watch this hilarious video from Being Indian to ‘know your cricket fans’ –

But there are a few fans who take the definition of ‘fan’ to a whole new level. Their craziness will make your passion seem ‘cute’. I can assure you, there is no way you can beat these guys. Have a look at the list below.

Craziest Fans of Cricket From India:

1. Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary

There is absolutely no chance to miss out on Sudhir Kumar Chadhary or Sudhir Gautam. He is a self-proclaimed biggest fan of Sachin Tendulkar and team India. You can see him in almost every other game that India has played in with glossy tricolor painted over his body and face. He keeps waving a gigantic Indian National flag cheering for India throughout the game. Such is his passion that he cycled 1700 km from Bihar to Mumbai just to watch India playing! After hearing about Sudhir and his passion, the Master Blaster himself offered to sponsor him tickets to come watch the match. Sudhir also got to hold the World Cup while standing right next to Sachin! Jealous? Me too!

Sachin and Sudhir

Source: Patrika

2. The Guy With Tricoloured Lenses

Not sure what his name is but he can be spotted at match venues with eyes wide open. There is no need to look into his eyes as they are sure to catch your attentions anyways. He wears custom made contact lenses with Indian flag colors in them. It is a little scary and he hardly bats his eyelids throughout the game.

Tricolored Contact Lenses

Source: Getty Images

3. The Guy Who Kissed Sachin!

Yes! you read that right 😀 When India was playing against New Zealand, a fan barged into the pitch and pecked the legend. Of course, Sachin does not seem to be happy about it.

4. Dharamveer Singh Pal

Dharamveer plays for the physically handicapped cricket team of Madhya Pradesh. Dharamvir is polio-inflicted and has been travelling the country to watch India play since 2004 when he was just a teenager. Him being a differently-abled person has never deterred his craziness from following the team and playing cricket.

5. Ram Babu

Ram Babu, from Chandigarh, is a die-hard fan of India’s captain cool M S Dhoni. Ram idolizes Dhoni and in return Dhoni sponsors his travel and gets him tickets to the matches! For Ram, cheering for India is a full-time job. Cricket is truly his religion and Dhoni his God.

Ram Babu

Source: TOI

These were the 5 craziest fans of Team India. How are you planning to cheer for India during the T20 World Cup? Here is a suggestion, big cheers deserve a big screen. Rent a projector with screen and invite your friends home for one hell of a match screening.