Rewind the clock a decade back and the thought of moving to a new place would send chills down your spine. Honestly, it’s not the thought but the mere reality of moving to a new place and the challenges it throws at you psychologically and economically.


But that was a decade back, in today’s time where the internet empowers people from all walks of life sparking ideas of glory infusing a sense of calm to tasks that seem nothing but chaotic. With a plethora of entrepreneurs trying to revolutionise and create groundbreaking services, it’s only fair to say that the dreadful days of never ending hassle and uncertainty of moving to a new place are finally over.


If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone and take that leap of faith to charter uncharted territories here are few ways the new digital age can make the transition simpler:

  1. Renting a place that fits the budget.
    Live without brokerage
    A few years back there were fewer options when it came to renting a place. The only options that existed were either to do the hunting work yourself on foot or you shed more money and hire a broker. But today with the integration of technology and the emergence of companies like NestAway and NoBroker, renting a house or even just a room of your choice is possible with just a few taps on your mobile screen. Oh, and no BROKERAGE!


  1. A home is more than just four walls.
    Home is where peace is
    Who wouldn’t want to live in a lavish home? When you come back after a hard working day and all you want to do is die on your couch and switch through TV channels. While not everyone can afford those luxuries or rent a fully furnished place, you could definitely afford to rent them online for a few thousand without having to be broke for the rest of the month.


  1. Commuting in an unknown land.

    I can’t even count the number of times I sat clueless in an auto hoping the driver wouldn’t take my unfamiliarity with the city roads for granted when I first moved to Bangalore. While buses still are the most affordable means of transportation, in an era of instant gratification there is little patience to wait for the next bus. With the introduction of ride-hailing companies like Ola and Uber and two-wheeler ride-hailing companies like Rapido, commuting in an unknown city just hasn’t become affordable but safer too. Or if you love riding bikes or driving a car, startups like ZoomCar let you rent the vehicle of your desire at affordable prices.

  1. Say goodbye to loneliness.

    Moving to a new place does tend to take a psychological toll on people. From being surrounded by people who were an integral part of your life to being surrounded by people you’ve never met can make one feel lonely and out of place. While having such feelings is normal it’s important to know that there are enough people who might love football as much as you or enjoy spending their time lost in the mighty world of words. One such platform is MeetUp that helps you find people with similar interests as yours be it a writers club or beer tasting.


Moving to a new place can be an experience of dangling between extreme ends of the spectrum but the world is getting smaller with accessibility and convenience forming the norm in this digital world.


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