9 Simple & Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating your home, we understand it can put the best of us in frenzy. Never ending ideas, unceasing bills, and the hassle of discarding items that are no longer of use. Well, there is always a simpler solution to reuse items available at home and create something truly beautiful. To help you explore the creative genius in you, and prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket, here are 9 simple DIY home decor ideas to make your home stand-out.

  1. Color your wall/Apply a DIY wallpaper

    DIY decorating ideas for walls
    The simplest way to reinvent your home is by changing the look of your walls. Don’t worry you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. A 
    DIY wall art or a wallpaper can help you save tons of cash while giving a refreshing look to your home.

  2. Reassess & Rearrange

    Rearrange furniture for decorating home
    For all you know you might not even have the need to buy a new piece of furnishing. Reassess your home and your rooms, tweak the placing of certain pieces of furniture and voila, your home is as good as news.

  3. DIY Rugs

    DIY rugs for decorating home
    Rugs have a profound impact in a home: they can tie a whole room together, serve as a designated play or reading area, introduce some color or texture to a dullish area or act a focal decor piece. But like most pieces of beauty, a good lasting rug comes at a steep cost, however, not when you could make one for yourself, adding a personal touch and helping you save additional cash while adding a soft touch.

  4. Picture frames

    DIY Photo Frames for decorating home
    Feeling a little nostalgic reminiscing the moments with friends or a trip you took during your college days? Decorate your walls or your homes with a collection of old and new photos making your own photo frames.

  5. Flower Vases

    DY Flower Vase for decorating home
    Are you a nature lover? Got multiple plants set up around your home? Instead of spending your money buying different vases of shapes and kind, make your own flower vase that add a touch of beauty to your home.

  6. DIY Bookshelves

    DIY Book Shelf for decorating home
    For all the book lovers we understand the pain you feel keeping your lovely collection of books closed in a closet, and why won’t you? A good trendy eye-catching bookshelf generally costs a little too much, right? But why buy when you can make one yourselves? Invest a little time in making your own bookshelf and present your prized collection to your guests.

  7. DIY Candles

    DIY Candles for decorating home
    Illuminate your home! There is nothing simpler than a candle that makes a home truly standout. Though candles are often inexpensive and readily available, they might not exactly do justice to your taste. You can always make candles on your own at home, adding colors and scents that truly resonates with you.

  8. DIY Table lamps

    DIY Lamps for decorating home
    In the bedroom, it’s important to have an inviting, comfortable and cozy décor. One element that can help you achieve that is to have personalized items and soft lighting. A simple DIY bedside lamp can help you achieve both without much hassle.

  9. Fit More In Less

    Home decor ideas for small rooms
    If you’re looking to decorate isn’t too big in size, getting a big piece of wall art, or center rug could just do the trick. Making it the center of attraction of the room, reducing your workload of doing gazillion things to give your room the perfect look.

Re-decorating your home just got a lot easier and a lot more affordable. Do share with us your views and your hacks when decorating your home in the comments section below.


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  3. yeah! I loved your article. All the tips you have mentioned in the article are great. I really like the one using of a DIY Table lamp. I surely gonna use this tip into my home. Thanks for sharing …..keep it up!!

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