Home to office. Office to home. Most of your lives have been scheduled like this for a long time. After a really tiring day, you just think of how to get to the bed after grabbing some food. Amidst all this, you forget to take care of yourself and everything around.


Look around for a while, you will find what a mess you’ve made at your home. Pile of clothes lying on the chair. A table that hasn’t been organised since the time dinosaurs went extinct.




These simple DIY will help you organize your stuff and around and you will have a beautiful and clean house.

  • Use up all the cardboard around

    Your drawer needs to be organized first. Don’t just put things into it, arrange them. Use the cardboard to make sections and you’re done. You can categorize which stuff to put where.

  • Cellphone charging holder

    It is always a problem where to keep the phone while charging when the plug point is not near the bed or any table. Using extension cords and stuff makes the space untidy. Isn’t it better to have something that can hold the cellphone near the point itself?

  • Organize your cords

    DIY organize charging cables

    Charger cords for laptop, cell phones or television or the setup box. There’s a lot of cords around always which intertwine with each other and make a mesh. Untangling the same is ridiculous and difficult. So better organize it?

    Here is a list DIY that will help you.

  • Use all the cans and tins

    Why throw away all the food cans and tins when they can be upcycled to beautiful holders and stands. You can keep the spoons, paper rolls, pens and many such things.

  • Use magnet in your kitchen

    DIY Kitchen Magnet Hacks

    The knives and the spoons often lay scattered all around while they should be held up in a place. If not put in place they might also be unsafe. Use a magnet rod to hold them up and don’t worry they won’t fall off.

  • Turn the old picture frames in key holders

    A lot of old picture frames around? They must have become too old and rusted. Again arranging the keys is always a big terror. Why not merge the two and help yourselves?

  • Tension rod for your cleaning products

    DIY tension rod hack for kitchen

    You always leave the cleaning products unattended. The spray bottles are just kept haphazard and look really bad. Use a tension rod to hold them. Use a tension rod also to hang the mops and cleaning towels.

  • Wooden crates as storage

    Wooden crates are a very good help in organizing your stuff. Use these crates to store your magazines or books. You can keep the jars inside it or you can keep your stuffed animals that lie here and there. The list doesn’t end here, you can also keep the vegetables and fruits in them.

  • What about honeycomb shelves?
    DIY Honeycomb shelves

    Doesn’t this sound great? These will not only help you to organize your stuff well but also give a stylish look to your rooms. This is a great plan and super easy to make.

    Here is the complete tutorial to your stylish shelves.

  • Use underwire tables to make use of the unused  space

    DIY underwire tables

    There’s always a shortage of space when you want to organize your things. But there’s some unused vertical space that you yet haven’t noticed. Use underwire tables to make complete use of it.

  • Laundry Bag

    The most needed things in your apartment. You all let your clothes lie here and there and make the space so untidy. Instead of throwing the clothes inn clutters put them in the laundry bag.

  • Use the space under your bed

    DIY storage space under bed

    The most spacious place to store all your things is under the table. You can actually use it up wisely to keep away from all the untidiness.

    Here’s how to make use of the space under the bed.


These are just a few tricks that we have up our sleeves to help you make your home more organised and presentable. If you have any crazy and simple DIY home hacks that have helped you, do share with us in the comments section below!


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