12 Easy & Affordable Wall Decor Ideas For Every Home

Now that the end of the year it’s that time when so many of us plan to move to a new house or at least make some improvements to reinvent the look of our home. With today’s miniaturized homes there is only so much you can fill your home with before suffocating and gasping for air. Thus the need to unleash your creative side and make the most of your walls with some simple and easy wall art DIY tricks.

  1. Postcard Wall Art.

    Postcard DIY wall decor
    You would be stunned to know how much you can do with just a few 
    postcards and a foam board. With a few cuts here, little glue there, and voila! Your empty walls don’t seem that empty anymore.(Via: Howaboutorange)

  2. Washi Tape Dots Art.

    Washi tape dots wall decor
    Do you also love the idea of spots on your wall? But spotty wallpapers are generally expensive and moreover, it’s a hassle to put them up only to remove them a few months or years later. Well like many things in life, there is a simple solution for that too. Washi Tape! Simple and elegant solution to get those 
    spots up on your wall.(Via: FellowFellow)

  3. Posters Wall Art.

    Posters diy wall decor
    If you are lazy and want the simplest and easiest way to decorate your walls, just head over to Amazon or Flipkart, and order posters of your favorite movies, or quotes that resonate the most with you. It goes without saying the design of the poster is of utmost importance. This adds a personal touch to your home decorations while resonating your own set of beliefs and likings.

  4. Coasters Wall Art.

    Coaster DIY wall decor
    You definitely can’t go wrong with this simple piece of 
    coaster wall art. Hang them on your work desk and use it as a bulletin board or use it to shield your precious furniture that you just bought. [Tip: Don’t waste your time, energy or money buying new furniture when renting is so damn easy!] (Via: PaperNStitchBlog)  

  5. Shoebox Wall Art.

    Shoebox diy wall decor
    Got any shoebox lying around the house? Then, don’t throw them right away! Transform them into beautiful colorful 
    floating shelves on the wall with the just a few coats of paint. (Via. Brit + Co)

  6. Washi Tape Photo Frames.

    Washi tape frame wall decor
    If you’ve ever had the plan of filling your walls with photos or even a single one, you’d know it’s a herculean task selecting the perfect frame. But it wouldn’t be so when you could make the perfect 
    frame using just some washi tape. (Via. Brit + Co)

  7. Color Pencil Stack Wall Art.

    Colored pencil wall decor
    This is by far one of the most satisfying piece of wall decor I’ve ever come across. Stack the collection of 
    color pencils side by side, giving a vibrant and chic look to your home. But just like most good things this too takes some time to complete if you’re not sold on buying all the pencils at one go. (Via. Wired)

  8. Honeycomb Wall Art

    Honeycomb diy wall decor
    It’s probably time to do away with simple colored walls, and do something out-of-the-box like this 
    honeycomb wall art. Just fix your honeycomb on the walls and paint away with the colors of your liking. (Via. VintageRevivals)

  9. Wall decor using liquid starch

    Fabric on the wall? Isn’t that for the floors and decors and all? Ideally, yes! But if you’re not going to go do something different, what are you even doing? 
    Covering the walls of your home with fabric is pretty simple but by no means easy, do it right and you might just fall in love with your home all over again. (Via. NumberedStreetDesigns)

  10. Paper Butterflies.

    Paper butterflies wall decor
    For this little 
    piece of art, all you need is papers. Yes, just papers! A simple and affordable project that looks so incredible, as it takes on dimension and really can change a room. Select designs and colors that resonate with you and witness your the most beautiful transformation of your home. (VIa. GoodsHomeDesign)

  11. Photo Memory Board.

    Memory board wall decor
    This is my personal favorite. Minimum effort and maximum impact. The easiest way to create your memory board or corner would to buy a foam board, decorate the edges a bit and place it somewhere you’re bound to look often or even better would be right at the line of sight when entering your home. Go ahead and paste all the wonderful memories you’ve made and experiences you’ve had on the memory board. With multiple variations, memory board should easily be at the top of your list.

  12. Washi Tape Wallpaper.

    Washi tape wallpaper wall decor
    Need a wallpaper but can’t seem to like anything on the market? Neither do you want to spend on something that might lose its charm few months down the line? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the hack with you. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors, pencil, measuring tape, some tape, and few rolls of the greatest lifesaver – washi tape. Design your style, tape your walls, and fall in love with your home all over again. (Via: Brit + Co)


If you enjoyed our list of the easiest and most affordable wall decor ideas, share it with your friends and help them create something beautiful for their homes. Do share with us your hacks and projects in the comments section below.


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