Festivals are exuberant and are celebrated with a great enthusiasm. The atmosphere around becomes wonderful and heartwarming. In these blithe moments, everyone decorates the house, shares sweets and spends the time staying close to their loved ones. With Navratri gone, there are many more festivals on the way to close the year merrily. From Diwali to New Year, a season full of happiness is around the corner.

Keeping this in mind, one may always wonder ideas on how to decorate the house and make it more heartening. Here are some startling DIY ideas, that will make your house look elegant amidst the festivity.

DIY crafty ideas for decorating walls

It’s not always necessary to burn a hole in your pocket by buying expensive wall art or giving a paint job to the walls. One can easily give a new look to the walls by doing some DIY crafts. Here is a couple of DIY wall art ideas one can apply to give a refreshing look to interiors.

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art
This mostly goes well on walls with single color. All you need is:

  1. 15-30 Empty toilet paper roll ( depending on the size of your wall and the wall art )
  2. A pair of Scissors
  3. Glue to stick them on the wall.
  4. A pattern or design from google

Here is what you have to do; take the pair of scissors and cut the empty toilet roll into four equal pieces. After having them cut, press and flatten two of them in such a way that it attains a leaf shape and leave the other two as it is ( you can also use only one shape, its not compulsory to use to shapes). Now choose a shape and apply glue to its thin edge and stick it onto the wall. Repeat the same with other shapes till you get the pattern, and voila! You got yourself a fantastic wall art that all your guests will adore!

Note: You can play around by cutting the rolls in different variations and play with the shapes to attain a great design. You can also color the rolls to amplify the creativity.

wall art 2

Wall art1

Wall BookShelf

An idea for the ones who deeply value books. Things you need:

  1. L shaped holders ( quantity depends on individuals )
  2. Nails/Screws based on your wall. 2 for each holder.
  3. Glue
  4. Book with thick hardcover. 1 for each holder.

Screw/Nail one side of the holder to the wall. Put glue on the top side of the horizontal base and place the hardcover book on it with the name side of the book facing opposite to the wall. This will give your holder a good base. Now you can pile up your books on top of it.

wall bookshelf

DIY decorating Desktops & Bookshelves

Walls are not the only thing that you use to re-invent your house. One can also give the house an upbeat look by adding some vivacious plants. Giving more oxygen to breathe, plants also adds charm to the house when used for decoration. After doing the walls, in-house plants and flowers and be use to decorate desktops, tabletops and bookshelves. Here are a few DIY’s that will help you out.

Lightbulb Plant Pot

Things you require:

  1. An old light bulb that’s not working.
  2. A small plant
  3. Soil
  4. Pliers

Open up the bottom of the bulb using pliers and take out the filament inside the bulb. After the bulb becomes empty, insert the root of the plant. After inserting the plant root, fill some soil into the bulb to cover the roots. Add some water and there you go, you have a tiny planter for your shelf. Easy right?

lights bulbs light Bulbs

DIY Can Planter

Things you need:

  1. Empty Cans
  2. Knife
  3. Soil
  4. A small plant
  5. Color paints

Cut the top of the can and paint the can. Add the plant root in the can and add some soil in the can. Now all you have to do is add some water regularly and keep your plant daisy fresh.

can plants

DIY Lamps for decorating home

It’s very important to have a comforting and cozy décor in the bedroom. One element that can help you achieve that is soft lighting. Since ages, diyas, candles, shimmering tiny lights, and other means are used to decorate a house, but there are other crafty methods which can be used to give a buoyant look to the rooms and the house. Here is a simple and easy DIY lamp that can help you achieve it without much hassle.

DIY Clouds Night Light

Things you need:

  1. Mount Board
  2. Scissors
  3. Double-sided tape.

Cut one cloud shape from the mount board so that it can cover the site bulb and a few smaller cloud shapes. Take the double-sided tape and stick the large size cloud on the bulb in such a way that the bulb is a little visible outside the cloud. Stick the rest of the clouds on the wall using tapes near the bulb cloud. Now darken the room, switch on the bulb and see the magic of the clouds.

cloud lights

cloud lights

Rearrange furniture for decorating home

Needless to say, many people discard old furniture and other items and buy new ones for the house. For all you know, one might not even need to purchase new furnishing. A great way is to revisit the furnishing arrangements and tweak the placing of certain pieces of furniture. This will reward your house with a brand new look and save the expenses in the festivals.

furniture reaarngement

Space-saving furniture ideas for small rooms

Sometimes it becomes difficult to accommodate furniture in a small apartment. In these times, there is an excellent way to give your house a jovial appearance. Adding convertible pieces of furniture like Boomerang convertible table or Trojan convertible table is an exemplary way of introducing a charismatic look in your house. Convertibles are a heterogeneous solution for all traditional furniture types. For example, a trojan convertible table can be used as a dining table, a storage unit, a study table.

convertible tableconvertible table4 convertible table 3 convertible table 2

Redecorating your home is practically a lot easier and affordable. Importantly if you’re looking to add new furniture to your home, you must look for renting options at GrabOnRent! Do share with us your views and your hacks when decorating your home in the comments section below!


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