Adverse Effects Of Air Pollution & How To Prevent Against It

9 million deaths caused by pollution.

2.51 million deaths in India.

1.8 million deaths due to air pollution.


These are just a few numbers that can give you some sense of resemblance about the times we are living in. When air pollution doesn’t cease to increase, global temperatures are at an all-time high. When the health of our kids and elderly are at a greater risk than ever, yet we turn a blind eye to the reality of the situation.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution can be defined as a mixture of solid and gaseous particles that combine to lower the quality of atmosphere around us. Car emissions, smoke from cigarettes, CFCs from air conditioners, dust particles, factory wastes, and the list could go on forever.


The most harmful aspect of air pollution is the creation of smog, which is created by a chemical reaction of sunlight, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. Prolonged exposure to smog can often prove to be harmful to both respiratory and cardiovascular system of the body, leading to bronchitis, asthma attacks, heart problems and etc.

How harmful is the air indoors?

According to World Health Organisation, the normal particulate matter for indoors should be 20 micrograms in a cubic meter of air. In India, the average particulate matter for households stands at roughly 350 micrograms per cubic meter.


Furthermore, studies have claimed that indoor air pollution is the cause of nearly 28% under-five infant mortality and as high as 80% women in households suffer from respiratory and/or cardiovascular issues due to high indoor air pollution.


The major factor for an increase in indoor air pollution can be attributed to the burning of solid fuels in most households for cooking or other purposes. Despite being on the decline and increasing adoption of safer alternatives, other factors like dust and aerosols from appliances have been a cause of concern too.

Harmful Effects of Travelling?

How many times have you retired back to the confinement of your vehicle because of the incessant dust and smoke from passing by vehicles? You probably might have lost count. But, did you know, that the air inside your car is more harmful than the one you breathe amidst all the dust?


No matter how particular you might be of keeping your car clean, it’s little secret that you eventually end up breathing from the exhaust of your air cooler, sucking in air from surrounding environment. This air comprises of more dust particles, carbon monoxide smoke from other vehicles and many other pollutants further putting yours and life of kids and elderly commuting with you at great risk,


The risks further increase based on factors such as the age of the vehicle, traffic density, types of vehicles on the road, fuel type of the vehicle, and much more, couple together to adversely affect your health.

How bad Air Pollution Is With Comparison To Smoking?

After the last years scare in Delhi, studies emerged that the toxic level of the environment was equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. The rise in air pollution has also seen an increased mortality rate amongst infants and elderly suffering with pre-existing conditions.


Bangalore, being not too far behind has been on the cusp of increasing environmental changes. With rising temperature, increased deforestation, and rapid urbanization, Bangalore stands at as high 150 micrograms/cubic meter in some parts of the city and low being as high as 90 micrograms/cubic meter on the particulate matter scale, equaling to as many as 10 cigarettes/day.

How to Prevent Yourself?

It’s necessary more than ever to take a proactive approach for the well being of your family. Few of the easiest ways to protect yourself from the harmful pollutant are,


  • Get a car purifier, this is especially helpful if you travel with toddlers or kids on a regular basis. With their organs still developing they are far more susceptible to respiratory and cardiovascular issues than grown adults.
  • Get a respirator mask, if you ride a two-wheeler and travel during peak hours, it’s safe to wear a respirator mask to protect you from the harmful pollutant and dust particles that might cause greater respiratory issues.
  • Rent an air purifier, if your house consists of young toddlers or elderly, it’s the right time to get an air purifier to ensure proper development of organs of young ones and longevity for the elderly. 
  • Choose to carpool. It’s understandable if you’re fond of driving and like to take your ride for a spin. However, it’s necessary to understand the severity of today’s situation. It’s a smart choice to carpool with your friends, or colleagues on the same route. You can also choose to use services of startups like Quickride that make carpooling easier and more affordable.


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  1. Increase in usage of automobiles leads to air and noise pollution also. To avoid this carpooling is the best way. Carpooling helps daily commuters to escape from traffic and increases air quality.

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