Even if you are following a strict fitness regime and you have promised yourself to stay fit, life gets in your way; be it a nagging injury or busy week, you have to remain out of the gym game for longer time. No matter what the reason would be, your body will feel changes that can hamper you in some ways.


Although a good workout regime can bring your body into shape, exercise hiatus can have adverse effects. Some experts call this ‘break time’ a detraining phenomenon whose consequences depend entirely on an individual, the level of exercise he was doing and how your body is dealing with the break time.


Fortunately, you can reverse the effects by hitting back to the gym. If you are still in no mood to kick your butt off in gym, dive-in to know what can happen to your body if you swap your gym time being at home:

Physiological changes:

Muscle Flexibility

Saying no to the gym just for one week will make you a sloth. You can lose flexibility and mobility of the muscles after some time. After some time your body will become stiff, and you will find it hard to hit back to the gym. However, regular sweat session can keep your body fit, warm and flexible.


Taking a week off from the gym will make you sluggish and will bring your body in a place where you no longer will feel active and charged. Since your muscles will become firm, you will feel tired, depressed and unhappy.

Blood Pressure

Your BP is normal on the days you hit the gym than the days you don’t. The rise in blood pressure can predispose you to the disease like diabetes.  Some researchers have also found that taking minimum two weeks off from the gym can balance out the BP benefits of intensive exercise.

Blood Sugar

Usually, your blood sugar level rises after you eat but then comes down when other tissues and muscles start using that sugar for energy. However, after taking few days off from the gym, your blood sugar level will remain constant or might get increased which can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


After some time, your strength starts lingering than your endurance. However, depending on how sluggish you have become, your biceps and quads will begin shrinking. Plus, the visible gains you have seen in your muscles will start vanishing within few days.


Note: Muscle strength doesn’t mean muscle size.

Psychological Changes:


Exercise promotes swift blood flow in veins which stimulates the happy hormone in the body. However, if a gym freak stop working out, he perhaps can experience mood swings and feel more depressed. It can also hinder the cognitive abilities of an individual.


Have you ever wondered why you wouldn’t feel lethargic after your gym session? It’s because your brain has enough oxygen that keeps you active and sharp all the time. But if you aloof yourself from a workout, you may feel sluggish and tired all day. Research shows that if a gym person took few days off their hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory and emotion would start receiving minimum blood flow which in turn affects the brains functionality.


Since regular exercising put both energetic and mechanical stress on muscles, it aids good sleep. Your body needs rest to repair tissues that get broken or damaged at the time of exercising. However, lack of exercising can leads to lots of energy in your body thereby reducing the need for sleep, which further can aid to restless mind and body.

Healthy Body

By taking too much time off from the gym, you are jeopardizing your wellbeing. You are more likely to predispose toward medical problems like heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Since you are not building enough muscles, you are dragging yourself to diseases.

What Your Body Will Be After A Certain Time?

Following a fitness regime is an achievement; it keeps your body and minds healthy. However taking some time off can have grave effects.  

Within Ten Days

Exercise is good for the brain; it keeps the oxygen level in the brain up to the mark. However within ten days of leaving sweat sessions; your mind will start changing. The changes may vary from person to person and the kind of exercise they are doing; it may be positive or negative depending on how your body is reacting to the break.

In Two Weeks

Within two weeks you will gasp for breath in just a few walks. You VO2 level will start decreasing, and you will fell winded after hopping few stairs.

After Four Weeks

After four weeks, your strength will start declining and you will become inactive. Your biceps and triceps will start shrinking, and you will become a sloth. You will feel changes in your muscle fibers which indirectly can hamper the endurance and your ability to have high intensity.

In Eight Weeks

You may gain weight after eight weeks. While working out, people keep an eye on their calorie intake and do regular weight checkups to remain balanced. However, if you stop hitting the gym, you will crave for food that should not be on your platter. Your food choices will no longer be the same at the time of gym and worst; your hunger pangs will increase.

Can Time Off From Gym Benefit Someone?

Yes! For the hardcore athletes who workout around the clock, taking a week off can benefit them in many ways. It will help them strengthen muscle fiber so that they will get back in training with more power and strength. But if you are a novice, a week off from the gym can hamper your strength, and you may be likely to lose over 70% of your endurance in few days.


There’s a huge difference between taking off from gym purposely and taking an intentioned rest in cold weather. However if you don’t want to hit the gym, do at least some type of activity to keep your body, brain, and mind happy.


While a planned time off can be beneficial, it isn’t surprising that most of us today find ourselves short on time to hit the gym and sweat it out, but fitness isn’t just restricted to the gym is it? You can exercise for 30 mins every day at home and still be fit. To make your home exercise experience better and fulfilling head over to our online store and choose from our collection of fitness equipment on rent.