Captivate Network, a renowned firm conducted a study about the employee productivity trends in summer. Here are some derivatives that are rather shocking. The study says that

  • The employee productivity drops by 20%
  • The employee attendance goes down by 19%
  • The time for project completion increases by 13%
  • Employee distraction is as high as 45%

These numbers seem too big and exaggerated, but that is not the case. These statistics are based on scientific studies and is quite representative of on the ground situation.

The major part of the increase in absenteeism is contributed by the working parents with school-aged children. The summer vacations are the time the kids can enjoy. Hence the parents take on leaves to go on holidays.

The emptiness in the office creates an environment of longing. The other employees wish to take time off and go for a holiday. This, in turn, increases employee distraction and decreases workplace employee productivity.

Because of the absenteeism and the distraction, less work gets done and the project deadlines get pushed. This increases the project completion time.

All this together, create a less productive environment ultimately adversely affecting the business.

But don’t get too stressed about it. Problem and Solution are like Renting and Saving, they go hand in hand.

Here are some widely popular suggestions to increase employee productivity.

Create a comfortable environment 

Given that summer is not the time when the employees are in their best form. It becomes all the more important to provide an environment that is comfortable and makes office work easier. 

To help employees perform better and put their minds at ease there are many small things the company can do.

You can start by getting rid of that outdated furniture. After all, no one would like to sit for eight hours a day on an old wooden chair.

Even having a bright place with live plants is a great idea. People feel better about themselves, their jobs and the work when they are connected to nature around them.

It is very important to maintain the temperature and humidity. The temperature of the workplace can directly impact productivity.

Having an air-conditioned office in the scorching heat is an absolute necessity. It helps the employee to perform at his full potential. The optimum temperature for staff wellbeing should be around 20 – 21-degree Celsius.

Not just this, small things like having sunlight coming into the room can bring positivity. It can impart a new breath of energy to the employees.

Another step to ensure ease to the employees is the liberty to wear comfortable clothing. Allowing staff to wear casual, comfortable clothes to the office will help them keep cooler in the heat.

The case may be that your business requires the employees to wear formal attire or uniform. But, a relaxation can be made when the client or customer is not around.

Many companies have adopted these simple ideas to make life easier for their employees. Summers are known for relaxed and laid back style, and there is no harm if the employees are allowed to embrace it.

Be flexible with the work options

It is essential for a business to bloom that its employees are happy because they cannot be productive at work till they are not happy themselves.

Businesses need to be flexible enough to ensure that the employee has a healthy work and personal life balance. This need amplifies in summer when children are out of school.  The working parents struggle to cater to both, their work and their family.

Flexible work schedules give the employees the chance to reconnect with their loved ones. They can meet family needs, personal obligations and life responsibilities. This, in turn, makes them happy and valued by the employer.

Businesses often take on different work hours during summers to provide for some family time. It is a common practice to lengthen the workday Monday-Thursday by an hour or two in exchange for closing early on Friday.

This gives the employees some time to breathe. It also enhances their productivity while making them feel positive and happy. It is a great way to keep the employees motivated and a fantastic way to kick-start the rather long weekend.

Go easy to improve employee productivity

During the hot summer, it is not just good practice but it is a bare necessity to have regular short breaks away from the desks throughout the day.

Create a comfortable sitting space where the employees can catch a break and if possible a quick bite to eat. This will not only end the monotony but will also revive them to get back to work with new energy.

Even taking 5 minutes every couple of hours to reassess your daily goals can make a big difference in the way your day goes. Also, spending too many hours with your nose to the grindstone can actually do more harm than good when it comes to creativity.

To let off the steam, the business can also arrange for happy hour in a nearby establishment where the employees can talk, relax and get motivated for next days works.

This is important because, when employees have too much stress, they can’t produce quality work. That’s why periodic breaks can allow for a little decompression.

Another very important and essential measure to ensure the health of the employees is to have fresh, filtered drinking water available all the time. This becomes even more crucial when the weather is hot as employees can easily become dehydrated.

Several water points should be installed throughout the office to ensure staff does not have to walk far to get water to drink. Filtered water taps are the ideal solution as they provide a continual supply of chilled water.

Summer Surprise

The businesses can make an extra effort to bring up the morale of its employees. Small surprises and gestures can go a long way.

Simple initiatives like allowing the employees to bring their pets to the office on a particular day will not only cheer up everyone but will also help attach the feeling of belonging to the workplace.

Other great practices include doing yoga or exercise session in the morning to de-stress before a hectic day at work. It can be a great team building exercise and way of staying focused at work. It can help to focus the mind on work.

When working hours at stretch, try taking a break to get some physical activity — even some simple stretches that relieve the stress of awkward typing positions and poor sitting posture.

Another really fun way to release stress is Music. Music is a great way to build a culture and make the workplace a fun environment. Try Monday morning pump-up jams and encourage folks to showcase their own musical tastes.

A fun thing to do as a team is to prepare and execute a flash-mob, where the entire office gets to the feet and dances along as one.

These practices are sure to uplift the spirit of the team and bring new life into employee productivity.

Work Together to improve employee productivity

Nothing motivates the employees than the idea of being a part of something big. When a person feels included, he is definite to perform better. Take this summer dullness and turn it around to Use the summer time philanthropically.

Consider place- or skill-based volunteering opportunities that give the team a chance to dig in and make a difference to people and the environment.

During the summer months, many employees can be distracted by the amazing weather outside when they are meant to be focused at work.

One way to keep the team working together and whilst improving productivity is to plan team days out. This might be a corporate event or team building exercises outdoors in the sunshine.

You can plan these events strategically so that your employees are looking forward to them at the end of the week or the end of the month and are therefore driven to work harder before their day out.

Taking business outside can do wonders for employee productivity. Hold meetings outside, take a team walk or plan a picnic and ask employees to bring their favorite food dish.

Host a team building event to help boost morale and get the team re-energized and re-focused.

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