If there is one quote that has resonated with me ever since I left my home 5 years ago, “Home is where the heart is.”


But what exactly makes up a home?


At first, it felt it was the absence of people that were always around. In time, I came to realize at different phases of life there would be different people who’d make up your home. The early years of your life are spent with your parents, later with your best buds or college friends. There might also be a phase that you might have to be alone, until the day you eventually find someone to make a home with.


For me, home is essentially where you feel like coming at the end of a long tiring day. Where you could wear what you want, do what you want, and just be with yourself. One place where you’re at peace with yourself where you find a true sense of belonging.


Below are six such essentials that every home needs to have to instill the feeling of homeliness.

  1. Bedset & Mattress.

    Rent bed and mattress
    Today, probably, you think it’s mattress on the floor is the perfect solution. No hassle of buying a bed, you might even argue, that it’s better for your posture.

    Just as dreamy and perfect it sounds, just as harmful it is. Mattresses on the floor develop molds overtime by trapping in the sweat and heat from the body and, increasing your chances of developing allergies by 70%.

    Let go of the laziness and the dreadful thoughts of the troubles you’ll have to go through and rent double-beds and single-beds with mattress. Now, live easy and sleep cozy!

  2. Wardrobe.

    Rent wardrobes
    We all know that one friend for whom chair is the wardrobe at night and bed the wardrobe during the day. At some point, even you and I have been guilty of falling into the vicious cycle of shuffling clothes between bed and chair.

    Piled up clothes tend to trap the body sweat in the clothes making them stink more often, moreover, continuing wearing those clothes could often lead to skin allergies and rashes.

    If buying seems a dreadful task, just sit back and rent a wardrobe, the only place meant to pile up your clothes.  

  3. Study Table & Chair.

    Rent study table and chair
    It’s an absolute blissful feeling of being able to come home in the evening and just die on your bed.

    As an adult, if there is one thing you start respecting is your sleep time, and why won’t you? After a long day at work, sleep is the only place where reality seems a little less daunting.

    While beds are a bliss, most tend to use their beds as a workplace and the downsides are immense. One, it could affect your posture; keeping your back upright could prove to be a herculean task when you’re drowning in the comfort of your bed. Two, it lowers your overall productivity. And three, prolonged use of bed as workstation could eventually reduce your sleep hours, your mind starts to associate your bed with a workstation more than a place to get a goodnight’s rest. Do you really want to take that risk?

    Just rent a study table and chair, umm, actually a swirling chair, and work like a boss!

  4. Washing machine.

    Though washing machines aren’t a bare necessity with most househelpers willing to wash clothes it’s highly likely they end up making your Levis shirt look more like a cloth for cleaning purpose than one for wearing.

    A used-washing machine may seem inexpensive marginally, however, opting for a brand new one will surely make your bank account dip anywhere between Rs 12,000 to Rs. 15,000. And all of that hard earned money spent just to sell it a few years down the line for a fraction of what you bought them for.

    Rent washing machines at a fraction of the cost, and give your clothes the care they truly deserve.

  5. Fridge.

    Rent fridge
    Fridges on the contrary form an integral part of your homes. From saving leftovers for the next day to storing your vegetables to keeping stock of cold water during the blazing summer heat, fridges today, are a bare necessity.

    Unless, you’re that weirdo who likes their beer cold. *cringes*

    Rent single-door or double-door fridges, eat healthy and stay healthy!


  6. TV.

    I’ll agree that “TV” isn’t actually an essential, but at some point we all wished that there was something more than just a bunch of friends staring into the 15-inch of your laptop.

    It becomes an integral part of your life, a means to relax at the end of a tiring day, or when it’s movie nights with your homies. And, did I forget, FIFA?

    Rent 32-inch and 40-inch TV, and experience entertainment in HD!


It was a thought of the past that it takes time to set up a home, today it’s easier than ever. With a wide variety to choose from at affordable rates, along with free product services and relocation services, it’s the best way to set up a home that pacifies your heart. In the end, home is where the heart is.


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