Hey, bachelor! Have you invited someone special to dinner? Well, you are looking dapper with that manly aftershave. You are excited to hear the knock and open the door to your apartment. But wait, what about the messy, smelly room with pulp fiction poster on the wall and pizza boxes on the floor?

Do you still want to let her come to your bachelor-sad? Sorry, I mean your bachelor pad. Trust me; it can be really off-putting.

Man cave, man space, man-land or bachelor pad— whatever you call it if it is uninviting, no one other than your best buds would want to show up.

If it rings a bell in your mind, you better ditch the tacky man cave vibe and turn in to a warm and welcoming space to live. How? Here is the cheat-sheet to set up a perfect bachelor home. Relax; these ideas are not going to burn a hole in your pocket.

The complete guide to set up the perfect bachelor pad

Cut Out the Mess

Start off by cleaning the clutter. Well, some guys may hate this part, but if you want to make a good impression, you have no choice.

You can take help and tackle the mess of one room at a time. You know what, nothing impresses family, friends and especially a romantic date more than a neat and organized bachelor home.

Add up Simple Design

“Designing? Are you crazy? I’m not going to do that.” If this is what you are thinking, let me tell you it’s not rocket science. You just need to make it all flow and match to let it be cohesively perfect.

Okay, let’s just cut the crap. In simple words, add light and neutral color to the wall. Now, let’s just move on to the next step that is furniture.

Permanent-Looking Furniture

Let me tell you one thing, if you own folding camp chairs and a milk crate, you’re not going to earn any points. You don’t need to break the bank and buy furniture with a hefty price tag. Some basic cheap, good-looking furniture is enough to make your room look great.

Moreover, you can easily take some appealing furniture on rent online just with a click on your finger. I think you can make this much effort, right?

Put It in a Frame

Wall decor guide for the perfect bachelor pad

Although you like to keep it digital when it comes to pictures, there is something about the framed photos on the wall. Don’t go crazy in hunting for some exceptional kind of frames just grab a few simple frames and put some pics of your family or buddies. This will let others see that you’re a guy who has real relationships even outside the realm of social networks.

A Non-Scary Bathroom

It’s pretty straightforward. Clean the bathroom on a regular basis, keep the essentials organized. Don’t let your skin care products spread out on the counter. Hang a clean towel and give your shower a good scrubbing. Don’t forget to clean the toilet floor along with the toilet itself.

Well, even if you can’t afford waking up to a spa-like bathroom; just remember “less is more.” If you can add a nice bathroom mat to your sparkling clean and neatly organized bathroom, you’ve just earned yourself an A!

Make your bedroom comfortable

If you are still sleeping on the bedding that your mom handed over to you in the college days, it’s high time to let it retire. Take some cool and comfortable bed sets on rent without breaking the bank. Trust me; you are going to be surprised by seeing the huge difference in your bedroom.

As the bedroom is the place to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day, it needs some special attention. Do you know we spend a third of our lives sleeping? Hence good bed is the need not a luxury. A relaxing bed makes the x-factor that every bachelor pad needs.

Change Sheets and Towels

If you already have any sort of interest in your own personal grooming, you may have tackled this issue, and that’s great. Having clean sheets makes you feel comfortable. Don’t wait until the white fades to yellow and replace it with a clean bed sheet for a goodnight sleep.

Have Pillows for your Sofa

Pillows for the perfect bachelor pad

The fluffy soft things that you put under your head while stashing yourself in the sofa are called accent pillows, and they can add serious pizzazz to your living room. If you don’t like to storm your brain with the mix and match logic, stick to some basic colors like deep, light or gray-blue.

You can add different textures as you wish. It’s okay if one pillow is patterned and other is striped or solid. If you have a great sofa and subtle colors, it works!

Some Art for Your Walls

Do you have a bare wall? If yes, have you ever heard of anyone saying “bare walls scream bachelor-living?” However, those who have a wall with posters of the babes are still in the high school boy zone. So, it is better to rip that off and don’t keep your wall blank either.

Get some cheap still stylish framed art.  Appealing landscapes are always a manly winner. It doesn’t need to be too expensive but thoughtful. If you could find some pieces that are meaningful to you in some way, it will be great.

Lastly, Try to Inject Your Personality Into Your Home

Are you into music? Or Sports? Maybe you’re a vintage art collector or a great writer. Well, whatever rocks your boat; pull some of those traits into your home.

Be it a color, a hobby, or just random things that bring out who you are, use it as a personal stamp on your bachelor pad. No matter what speaks to you, use it as inspiration or show it on your wall.

Wrapping up

You may be in your 30s’ earning well over six figures, but you still live like a teen as you are missing some of the fine points above.

It’s high time to stop living like a slob. You can easily upgrade your bachelor pad that is begging for a makeover with very little time and effort.

Best of all? Not only will your family, friends or your girlfriend appreciate the more welcoming environment, you’ll realize you also prefer living like a grown man.

Hurry up! You never know, your latest love interest may pop at your place anytime. Best of luck gentleman!


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