Yes, you are an independent woman! Like Daenerys, you too are a storm-born, you are a Khaleesi too but do you have a Jora or Jon taking care of things for you?


Doesn’t matter, you don’t need them anyway, you just have got to revoke your inner geek, and this is what this piece is all about.

The messiest thing a sovereign woman shall face at least once in her glorious life is setting up a house.

So here’s a post on all ‘Hell Yeah!’ And No-Nos to help you through the tedious process.  

21st Century Borrow System

You never know where your angelic wings may land you in a couple of months, weeks or maybe even days.

So, the ultimate mantra here is to rent stuff rather than buying it, you will be saving stashes of money I mean no maintenance cost and no old stuff.

It’s a fact that empty apartments are laying around effortlessly compared to furnished ones and that too with the less rental sign smiling like Garfield on a Friday evening. Then why waste time looking for a fully-furnished apartment?

Let’s Play It Monika Style.

Setting up a house gets us all high; we all get those peace-nibbling heebie-jeebies when we start thinking about this.

The feeling is unimpeachable, but you need to keep your heads between your shoulders.  

‘Organized’ is the word you will be looking for, just divide your work, take a notepad and draw four lines on it for the Bedroom, Kitchen, Office/Study, and Fitness. Label the columns and add the things you need in these rooms.

Get Ready To Rumble

A bedroom is a place we millennial love the most, therefore, should be dealt with first.

A comfy cradle-like bed with a softer than velvet mattress is something you need and deserve after busting your back all day long.

Just don’t even consider skipping the AC. The gates of hell have been broken open, and in our country, we call it summers. AC is something you can’t and shouldn’t miss.

You can’t afford to look sleepy just because of the warm temperature; you are a beauty but not sleeping.

{Excess to extra makeup expenses denied! (T-X voice)}

A bedside table is something you can’t miss; I mean what will carry your phone, charger, handbag and your MacBook, you won’t be getting out of bed just to charge the phone, Duh!

The final necessity of this fortress is a Wardrobe, look at you, OMG! Your grace is everything the world needs right now, and a few dresses in some dark blue bag just won’t do, No mama!

According to a study, women have 132 items of clothing which are way more than their counterparts, men, who have 43 only.

So for all those pretty dresses, PJs and hoodies you must have a substantial Wardrobe.

The Kitchen

Although some million-year-old feminist may say the kitchen is not for women, you don’t give a tinkle.

You are smart enough to understand that self-cooking will not only protect the hole in your favorite dress which ordering food would burn but also may help you stay healthy.

A Refrigerator is something you must have; you don’t want your food and milk to go bad and what about the concept of chilled beers?

And we can always use ice cubes, I mean, you know, always!

One word that has been saving single people’s tushs is Microwave. Whether it’s cooking, reheating, defrosting or merely boiling the water, everything is easy with this poor devil.

Office/Study Room

As a working post-modern-female you know the importance of office/study in a house, sometimes you have to bring home your work, no hiding.

So, to keep up the same paces of your office, it is essential to have a desktop, set to go, in your study.

Please do not use any table/chair duo for the desktop, get a computer table.

It will help you keep all the official documentation, pen, sticky notes, checkbooks, organized and at one place.

Throw an air purifier and a UPS with it, BOOM! Excellent office room is all set to help you get an increment.

Fitness Room

As a wonder-woman, you are nothing if not a fitness freak, you run, and paddle and you gain the strength.  

Not solitary to be in shape but to keep you healthy, a magnetic bike, a treadmill and a cross-fit, go imitate Ash Ketchum and “catch ‘em all.”

Burn those few calories which sneaked up when you were sitting all day at your cubical office, gawking on the computer screen.

It shall help you with that unusual temper and the crankiness which offices tend to give.

What else?

It is for the best if you have your own vehicle, but if you don’t have any what then?

You don’t want to splatter your earnings on uber/ola, you can buy a new perfume or bag by saving all that money, for crying out loud.

You wouldn’t want to invest half a lakh or more in a two-wheeler until you are dead sure about your stay in a city for a very long time.

Rent a scooter, it will be cheaper than those cabs and a whole lot safer, plus in 70 rupees’ worth of petrol, you would drive to the mall with affordable footwear. ????

Washing Machines

I mean you can’t trust the laundryman with your dresses may be with the PJs, No, NO! Not even with them.

Clothes are our customized skins, if we don’t handle them well, they shall not handle as well, do the math yourself.

You can rent a washing machine for a month that too for hypothetically peanuts and can use them as often as you want even for a pair of clean socks.

There won’t be any creepy man coming to collect your clothes from your room. And.. I rest my case.


You can’t trust the electricity department and especially while you have a deadline looming

“It will take 29 hours to replace the transformer madam,” says the man with a little bag and black aviators, are you willing to risk the deadline?

Rent the inverter, for some of you who don’t know, these things are cumbersome and shouldn’t be purchased by a smooth drifter.


Diane Mariechild once said “A woman is a full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform” this is what it is all about.

Chin up; you are the prime example of why a woman should be respected.

Balancing things like organizing a new house can really be blotchy that too with work timings, but you’ve got it.

Good luck with the new house missy!


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