No doubt home décor trends are like fickle beasts! At this moment you see chevron prints everywhere, and after some time, it gets relegated to overemphasize territory.  


Well, we have been embracing the personalized approach to the decor of a home. But, it does not mean we have boycotted trends. There will always be some mesmerizing looks that tempt our mind and makes us crave to embellish our homes with the latest home decor trends.


Before making way for the next batch, we have jotted down the trends that have knocked at the door of 2018. In our tech-driven world, the mood of this year seems to be the luxury as there is a richness to the designs. Also, detailing is becoming more and more important in designing home.  


For those of you, who are looking to splurge some cash on decorating your homes, just hold on! It’s time to treasure the interior designs trends that have landed on the runway of 2018 before making any investments.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metal home decor trend 2018

Credits: Pexels

Metals go perfectly with all hues, but blending them with different finishes will straight away add visual intrigue. The best thing about metallic finishes is that they brighten up a room due to their reflective feature. You can use metal hanging, top a table with rose-gold tray, or you can embellish the walls with silver and gold frames.

Patterned Plants

Patterned Flower home decor trends 2018

Credit: Pexels

They are especially popular nowadays, and adding patterned plants to your space will also breathe in life to space. You can get your hands on snake plant or prayer plant to give a more lustrous texture to your home. Well, vibrant foliage can lend you a helping hand in staying on trend this year.

Embracing Terrazzo

Terrazzo is trending! For those who do not know about terrazzo; it is a composite material, which is poured in a place. It consists of chips of granite, marble and other suitable materials, and it can be used for walls or floor treatments. You can use it to tile your entryway or to cover your ceilings.

Dark hues are becoming fashionable

Dark Hue Home Decor Trend 2018

Credit: Pexels

Most of us tend to go with light, neutral shades when it comes to dressing up the home interiors. But, now the trend is of navy blue as it goes well with most of the colors. This hue not only makes a bold statement but also creates amazing tone-to-tone scales.

Mirrors and mirrors

Yes, you heard it correctly! In 2018, homeowners will utilize mirrors on the walls to create an illusion of spaciousness. This will not only produce a sense of openness but will also give a magical feel to the room. You can place an oversized mirror in any of your rooms, or you can even install a mirror on sliding closet doors.

Monochromatic theme

Monochromatic Home Decor Trend 2018

Credit: Pexels

This will be the rocking trend this year! People will opt the colors in the same family. The unity of shades gives the room a seamless feel. To embrace this approach, you can choose different shades of the same color. From furniture, rugs, floor to the wall covering, select similar shades. If you do not want to invest that much, then you can add throws and pillows matching the color. This tactic will offer the same effect and will keep you on trend.

Colorful appliances

There is no doubt that stainless steel appliances are widely used by the people. But, now it is on the reverse gear as people are embracing a pop of color when it comes to the appliances. Now, you will see stoves, dryers, washers and other appliances in bold and bright shades. Colorful appliances are certainly going to enhance the look of your space.

Patterned flooring

Patterned Flooring home decor trend 2017

Credit: Pexels

It is going to be a great trend this year! The reason is that varied patterns can lend interest to the room. To brush up the boring hard-surface floors, you can think of herringbone, checkerboard or mosaic. For carpets, you can choose subtle or bold patterns. This will create a seamless look which will jazz up the rooms.

Curvy furniture

Curvy Furniture Home Decor Trend

Credit: Pexels

Curvier, rounder shaped furniture is making a big comeback. Yes, it is kind of vintage glamour, but now it is magnetizing the people. You can add few accent pieces to add a more natural look. In fact, bringing a bit of outdoors it will spice up space, and it never goes out of style.

Spa-inspired bathroom

This year, bathrooms will get a fancy facelift as people are dreaming of resort-inspired bathrooms. Adding a new tub with candles and floral arrangements will incredibly dress up the appearance of the bathroom.

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen Counter Top Home Decor Trend 2018

Credit: Pexels

Kitchen countertops are also getting trendier in 2018. Now a myriad of options are available such as granite, quartz, wood, tile, laminate, solid surface, etc. People are running in the direction of upgrading their kitchen with exotic countertops.

Art on Walls

The bare walls are out! You can decorate the walls with wall arts, and creative wallpapers. In fact, to give a unique appeal to your room, you can hang up a giant scarf. Moreover, you can use masking tape to create an abstract painting. Make sure you do not opt for word wall art as it is out of trend.

Slimmer Pins

Slimmer Pins Home Decor Trend 2018

Credit: Pexels

Now, wooden furniture legs are going to be replaced by thinner metal legs. This means, in 2018 furniture is about to have a higher utility value along with a minimalist appearance.


Whatever you choose, the only thing that comes into play is that these interior design trends are going to add a touch of luxury, style, and comfort. By embracing these trends, you will not only stay in fashion, but you will also elegantly enhance the appeal of your home.


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