All Your Home Furnishings In Under Rs. 4000/month

Moving to a new house, or place, or city is often a scary and exhausting experience. Partially because of the uncertainty that awaits and partially because of the dreadful hours you’ll need to spend to set up your house to make it feel more like home.


I have never dreaded anything more than the moving day and the couple of weeks that follow. Countless visits to the local general store to get day-to-day necessities, and with weekends filled with furniture and electrical stores visits, to furnish the house with basic necessities burning a hole in your pockets.


What if, I told you there was a simpler way to help you furnish your home and ease off the burden on your pockets? Sounds like a dream come true? I couldn’t agree more. With renting growing in popularity here’s everything you can and should get for your home without having to spend a bomb.

  • Dining table

    Dining table on rent in Bangalore and Hyderabad
    One of the things that I miss the most being away from home (Apart from mum’s delicious food!) are the conversations that take place over dinner. Then be it asking your siblings about their day or catching up with dad over cricket or just gossipping with mum. While, you can’t actually have your family move with you to your new place, having a dinner table becomes a subtle reminder of the people and memories back home. Or, make the perfect impression by planning a simple candlelight dinner date for that special someone.

    Buying a dinner table seems a bit far-fetched for most of us, they are often too expensive, and with moving somewhere else always on the horizon an unnecessary expenditure you definitely want to avoid.

    However in today’s time and age you can rent a dining table and have a home like an experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Rent Vianna Dining Table (4 seater): Rs. 659/month
    Cost of buying + Maintenance:  Rs. 14,000/-

  • Sofa set

    Sofa set on rent in Bangalore & Hyderabad
    You know what’s the simplest pleasure of life? Coming home after a long day at work, resigning to your couch stuffing your mouth with pizza some cold beer and just passing out. But even such pleasures are entitled to those who could spend Rs. 25,000 to buy a sofa set in one go and still afford a pizza after that.

    Just rent a sofa set for a less than Rs. 1000 and enjoy the comfort of a couch without having to starve yourself for the rest of the month.

    Rent Hove Sofa Set with Puffy (2 Seater): Rs. 779/month.

    Cost of buying sofa set: Rs. 18,999

  • Bedroom Set

    Rent single bedroom set in Bangalore
    In all honesty we’ve all been through days where we didn’t have an Oakwood furnishing cot or even a metal one for that matter, instead stayed content with the mattress on the floor. While it definitely is a cost-efficient way, there are certain health effects of sleeping on the floor.

    Though everyone would enjoy having a luxurious bed to have a wonderful night of sleep only so many can afford a luxury that makes your pocket nearly Rs. 18,000 lighter. That being said you can always get a bedroom set on rent for a fraction of the cost.

    Rent Khashabi Single Bedroom set (Single bed + Mattress): Rs. 439/month
    Cost of buying a Double Bed Combo: Rs. 20,000

  • Fridge and Washing machine

    Rent fridge and washing machine in Bangalore
    Though washing machines aren’t a bare necessity with most housemaids willing to wash clothes it’s highly likely they end up making your Levis shirt look more like a cloth for cleaning purpose than one for wearing.

    But fridges on the contrary form an integral part of your homes.

    From saving leftovers for the next day to storing your vegetables to keeping stock of cold water during the blazing summer heat, fridges are a bare necessity.

    In comparison with the rest of the list, used fridges and a used-washing machine may seem inexpensive marginally, however, opting for brand new products will surely cause a dip in your bank account anywhere between Rs 20,000 to Rs. 25,000. And all of that hard earned money spent just to sell it couple of years down the line for a fraction of what you bought them for.

    Renting a fridge and washing machine seems a more sensible solution as it costs you lower than Rs. 1200 per month.

    Rent fridge and washing machine: Rs. 1,049/month
    Cost of buying fridge and washing machine: Rs. 20,000

  • TV

    As you grow old and start living all by yourself, certain things start falling under the ‘essentials’ list for you to live and a TV is a perfect example.

    Though all your shows and movies are readily viewable on your laptops, you eventually get tired of staring at the 14” screen day in and day out. However, TVs again require a huge upfront investment of at least Rs. 15,000 for a 32” TV. While some can afford it, not everyone can.

    Renting a tv provides you to have the accessibility to a 32” screen at less than Rs. 800/month so now catch favorite matches on the big screen instead of your laptop screen.

    Rent 32” LCD TV: Rs. 649/month.
    Cost of buying 32″ LCD TV: Rs. 15,000


Setting up a home is an uphill task especially if you’re all alone. However, the age of technology is making accessibility to things easier, helping you to save that extra bit of cash.


When setting up your new house you could either choose to spend Rs. 90,000/- or spend a low as Rs. 3500/month on basic essentials that will help you make your rented apartment a home. Also, you don’t have to keep it forever, upgrade and change as and when you please.  


GrabOnRent is a Bangalore-based product rental startup. Visit our online store and browse through our wide selection home basics product on rent all under Rs. 999/month. Visit us now!

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  1. But if you rent for around 1 or 2 year the cost will be apprx 1.5 lac while for 90 k you can own those things and later sell it for 50 k

    • A very valid point made. But what we need to consider is on buying you are stuck with the product until it’s worn out and sold off. Renting, on the other hand, gives you an option to stay in sync with the latest trends and designs in the market. And, moreover shedding 90k at one time is a huge investment that not everyone can make, in such a situation renting is your best bet.

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