New beginnings at new places are always exciting. New friends, new challenges, and new aura. Isn’t it fun to experience living in different places when you know that you are ready to embrace the freshness of a new beginning?

Picking up the first thought that would pop up in mind while moving to a new place is “how would my house where I’d stay, look like?”. At times, getting a house of preference can be very tricky. The choice of the perfect house depends on a lot of factors.

We managed to gather a guide on how to find the perfect house for your new city.


  •      Set up a budget for your house and stick to it unless you want to end up spending all your saving just on the house.
  •      Keep your house location as close as possible to work/college to avoid traveling expenses and stress.
  •      Do visit the flat/PG before renting and look out for the surrounding if it’s favorable and suitable for you.
  •      Take a house where you can have an easy access to all the necessities.



Okay, now the first thing you need to decide where you like private space or you can manage to share your space with other people. Well, both have their own perks but it all comes down to what suits you the best.

So, if you’d prefer to live with some private space you should be looking at studio apartments or 1 BHK flats if you are alone but if you are not then, a 2-3 BHK is the choice.

You can check out houses here on these websites. These sites allow you to filter out the houses based on your food preference, locality, size of the house, rooms, budget, etc.

And thanks to present day social media where people post each one available. There are some groups available where people list houses available on rent depending on the location.

The rate for the flats varies from place to place. But in general the starting price for the flats are as follows:

  • Per month rent for a 1BHK nears INR 5k – INR 8k
  • Per month rent for a 2BHK nears INR 12k – INR 20k
  • Per month rent for a 3BHK nears INR 25k – INR 35k
  • Per month rent for a 4BHK nears INR 40k – INR 50k


As 77% of all the flats listed on property search sites are either semi or unfurnished. The price difference between a fully furnished 2BHK and a non/semi furnished one can be up to INR 8-10k per month. But do not worry, GrabOnRent helps you set up space with furniture and appliances on rent. It helps you make your new beginnings simpler. Without having to compromise your lifestyle, you can subscribe to furniture and home appliances at just 3% of the MRP. Here’s some calculation for you.

  • Prices for 1 BHK Furnishing <INR 3k (includes beds, mattresses, study table, washing machine, fridge, microwave, TV)
  • Prices for 2 BHK Furnishing <INR 5k (includes beds, mattresses, study table, sofa set, dining table, washing machine, fridge, microwave, TV)
  • Prices for 3 BHK Furnishing <INR 7k (includes beds, mattresses, study table, sofa set, dining table, TV unit, washing machine, fridge, microwave, TV)

If you are okay with sharing your space or have a little shorthand budget, then there are variety of options for you available to look at. You can look for PGs or co-living flats. Co-living spaces come with fully furnished houses along with all the amenities you’d possibly require, and a deposit of just 2 months.

Here are a few sites that provide the best co-living rental flats.

Here the co-living rental varies from the location to location and in general can range from as low as INR 5k to as high as INR 20k. It may also go higher depending on the number of amenities provided in the house. The same price range goes for the PGs as well. But to be fair, I’d say co-living flats have a much better environment than PGs.

Once you choose your place to live visit the place once to take a good look at where and with whom you are living. If everything is settled, then you can give the advance and voila! Your house is ready to move in.


Start your moving preparations. Throw a house-warming party and enjoy!


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