It’s almost Day 20 of quarantine and we are all bored out of our minds. But plenty of research shows that boredom sparks creativity which indeed comes with evidence now. While a lot of us are hoping for this pandemic to end and get back to routines, there is uncertainty leading to anxiety. In this tough time, creativity can be your ultimate coping mechanism. There are multiple ways to enhance your skills, be productive or just relax while staying at home. 

We have listed down a few to save you from a monster as scary as coronavirus: boredom! 


To an extent, there is an ethical concern in humoring a pandemic, but many people are coping with the anxiety of this situation through memes and funny tweets. These memes are going viral, spreading smiles on everyone’s faces no matter the age! 

These are some of the best memes and tweets to lighten your mood: 


NaPoWriMo, or the National Poetry Writing Month is trending on social media, especially on Instagram. You will be given a prompt for each day to write one poem every day of this month. You can awaken your inner poet by visiting or searching up  #napowrimo on Instagram to find prompts every day!

Digital arts and illustrations are going viral. There are a couple of challenges and prompts for people to stay motivated in creating art.  

Digital marketing is gaining more traction and brands are trying new techniques. Take free digital marketing courses through platforms like HubSpot, Google Digital Unlocked or Youtube. 

There are online competitions for painting, sketching, and doodling that you can sign up for. Artists are even helping their audience with live tutorials and lessons through social media.

Clean-up and cook

All you have been seeing and will be seeing for a couple more days is your furniture, so make it look good! Cut the clutter, deep clean those corners which were untouched from years 

Arrange your furniture to make your home look better and DIY home decor items.

Don’t worry about being stuck at home, you are safe at home! 

Enhance your cooking skills, if you don’t have any this is your time to shine! Watch some online tutorials, blogs or retrieve your family’s famous recipe. 

“Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” – Chef Auguste Gusteau


We are already aware of Italy’s balcony music session. Other artists and musicians are keeping the audience entertained through live concerts. There are a few making parody songs about coronavirus and quarantine life. Take a break from your routine playlist and listen to these fun songs! 

The parody of one of the Queen’s classic songs, Bohemian Rhapsody was remade into Coronavirus Rhapsody by an artist which went viral. 

The theme of a famous American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S was made into a parody, you can call it the one where everyone was in quarantine!

A standup comedian and writer, Naveen Richard first broke the internet with his song My name is Corona.

Adding to this there are playlists on Spotify relating to life in quarantine and a lot more parodies!

Apps and games

If you are bored with endless scrolling and binge-watching shows, we suggest you ping your friends and try trending online games like psych, or house party. 

Netflix released a new feature called Netflix party as an extension for chrome. It allows you and your friends to stream movies/shows simultaneously. You can have movie nights with your friends from home! 

It’s also very important to stay fit and healthy. Download some free home workout apps and always eat your greens!

You can also stay more productive and efficient from home by following these tips.

The silver lining of the lockdown is that we have more time to create. This is the break we always asked for so we can take a moment and pause. 

It is important to show gratitude to the health workers, police, essential workers and most importantly stay home to flatten the curve!