You’re probably out of college by now, in a new life. A life that no one ever prepared you for.


Be it fancy schooling or an ivy league college, what lies beyond those college gates is something we’ve never been prepared for. While the idea of being independent- an adult, living alone sounds adventurous, it comes with its fair share of troubles.


The burden of ever growing bills, the fire to reach to greater heights in your professional & personal life while trying to find a balance between work and life. It won’t be surprising if you end up feeling like a circus clown trying to juggle a gazillion tasks.


But, what if, I told you it isn’t hard that it might seem now. Yes, it looks scary, almost nerve-wracking, but it can still be done without losing mind. Here’s how,

  1. Get Proper Sleep.

    Ways to get adulting right
    Yes, sleep! It should be your no.1 priority before anything else. According to studies on human productivity, young adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep every night for the brain to function at its peak.

    I know, how much you loved those 10 hours of untroubled sleep during college days. However, oversleeping could lead to obesity, diabetes, and many other health related issues, making your brain fuzzier during the day and aging it as much as by 2 years.

  2. Get the perfect home.

    Ways to get adulting right
    Not the ones with the fancy chandeliers or jacuzzi, but a place that makes you feel at home. Basic home essentials such as a bed, mattress, refrigerator, and sofa set (or ‘diwan’ in the living area) should be not be compromised.

    Being vigilant always helps. When renting out your apartment be thorough with your inspection. Closely assess lights, fans, appliances, and taps. Ask the apartment owner to get all the repair work done saving you from the hassle of repairing after moving in. This will help keep your mind from cluttering from pending chores and let you focus on more important tasks at hand.

  3. Minimize ownership

    Ways to get adulting right
    When you’re starting your career, the last things you should be worrying about are monthly payments and being tied down due to heavy investments. Words of wisdom; rent whatever you can, and move away from the hassles of ownership. You can rent all the furniture and electronics for your home, bikes for your weekend trips or even bicycles for your commute.

    With rentals becoming a super easy and super convenient, you should seriously consider choosing a semi-furnished apartment, and rent all home basics at minimal cost and maximum comfort: trust me, semi furnished apartment + renting stuff is cheaper than a fully-furnished apartment by nearly 25%.

    If you just got an appraisal or got promoted, and planning to buy a bike or a car, DON’T! Today, renting the latest bikes and cars is as easier than ever. Saving that additional money will help you later when you choose to tread your own path.

  4. Budgeting

    Ways to get adulting right
    Once you’re out there in the real world you soon realize that your lifestyle makes you lose money faster than you receive it. It’s when budgeting should be your mantra moving forward. It is the only way to ensure you don’t fall behind your dues nor have to cut down all the things you enjoy.

    Start off with a 50-30-20 rule. The rule, states that 50% of your salary should be used for your rent, bills and monthly groceries. You should use a maximum of 30%, on outings, gym, and other lifestyle choices. And, the remaining 20% should be your savings, this will ensure you don’t run into a frenzy when the need for money arises.

  5. Prioritize

    Ways to get adulting right
    It’s okay to feel overwhelmed from time-to-time when juggling between work and personal life, but know you can overcome it all.

    Take a step back, and hit pause. Write down all the things that you need to get done, prioritized on the basis of importance. Stay focused on the task at hand. Making sure that you complete the important tasks will instill a sense of confidence and responsibility preparing you to overcome greater hurdles.

  6. Learn to be alone

    Ways to get adulting right
    Every once in awhile amongst all the turmoil, it’s necessary for you to take some time alone for yourself, to reflect and gauge your path forward.

    Go backpacking alone, or take out some time to indulge in activities that you’ve loved ever since you were young. This can help you unwind and declutter your mind and help you regain that long lost focus.

  7. Be grateful

    Ways to get adulting right
    Most importantly, no matter what the circumstances always be grateful for the things that you have. There will be hurdles along the day but there always is a silver lining.

    Inculcating the act of gratitude can help you be more positive and overcome any obstacle that might come your way. A good way to develop the habit of gratitude is by feeling truly grateful to the people around you. From your home helper to the grocery store owner. Use the words of kindness and be truly grateful for the help they provide.


Lastly, keep believing that you can overcome anything and everything that might come your way.

Ways to get adulting right

It’s okay to not have everything figured out, to feel a little lost and overwhelmed. After all, you aren’t the only one. Everyone is in a constant battle to figure how to be the perfect “adult”. What if, there isn’t any perfection but just an illusion. So, enjoy every day of this new beginning, and learn from everything that comes your way.


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