Our lives have literally become chill and cool with the invention of Refrigerators. They have become the everyday essentials of life, joyfully filling our lives with leftover pizza and chilled beers. Naturally, with more choices, the decision to choose the right size refrigerator has become confusing. There are a few factors to be considered, to smartly invest money into the refrigerators that suit our needs. Let’s make life more chill, follow this simple guide to choose right size refrigerator for your home.

First and foremost, before starting your research, plan these three factors:

  • What is my budget?
  • How much space do I have for a new refrigerator?
  • How much storage do I need? Do I need to store mostly vegetables or meat?

You can measure the space you have and plan your budget and needs accordingly. Now let’s take a look at the different specifications you need to take care of while choosing a new refrigerator:

1. Capacity Calculation:

Double Door

With great capacity, comes great storage. Yes, you read it right. Capacity basically defines the internal storage space of a refrigerator. You must check the specifications which clearly mentions the capacity of the refrigerator while choosing the right refrigerator. If you need more space for storing meat, go for a bigger freezer capacity and if you need more for vegetables, check the size of other storage. There are many different sizes, you even get mini-fridges of size 40L to big storage sizes like 350L. It depends on your needs like budget, eating capacity, family size and space in the home. 

Single Door

2. Knock! Knock on the Door:

There are many types of refrigerator available in the market. The choice of the type of refrigerator is also linked to the capacity. Like a single door refrigerator is generally of capacity 180L- 230L. You can rent from us, 180 L single door fridge or a 230 L Double Door fridge at a cost-effective rent.

3. Defrosting Type:

Source: Flipkart

Technology has eased our lives, we hardly do things manually. If you have a good budget, space and the need for a bigger capacity fridge, go for a Frost Free Refrigerator which will automatically defrost. Usually, Double Door/ Triple Door refrigerators are frost-free, they consume less energy and preserve food better. The more the merrier is always the case but we also need to take care of factors like budget and space. Single Door Refrigerators have manual Defrosting/ Direct Cool.

4. Power Consumption:

Technology should not just ease the lives of humans but also make the earth a better place to live in. Our buying habits should take into consideration the amount of energy consumed.  Refrigerators come up with star ratings, the higher the star rating the less is the power consumption. As the capacity and usage increases, the power consumption increases. Luckily, the higher-rated models have inverter compressors to reduce power usage. If you are going for a higher capacity model, make sure it has inverter compressor and good star rating, only then it is worth your investment.

5. More the Merrier:

Other than these basic considerations, you can choose from a whole range of different and new features coming up almost every day. You can look for a display screen, built-in water dispenser, convertible models, deodorizer to count a few.

Now that you know what you want, go and get the best refrigerator that fulfils all your demands. After this, you will say, I’ve never had a Fridge so good.

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