Studio apartments are a quick escape to budget lifestyle. But most people think that studio apartment gets congested when you furnish it. Well, it’s just a myth and here I am to bust that myth. It all depends on the way one is attempting to furnish the apartment. There are ‘n’ number of factors to keep in mind while furnishing a studio apartment. Here are some of them which should always be considered before setting up the house.

  • Allocation of Space
  • Maintaining Style and Trend
  • Budget

Just a quick explanation of all of the points mentioned above; When we talk about the allocation of space, it doesn’t mean how much space furniture requires, but the way of arranging it. If you are furnishing your room, don’t forget to maintain the class of your house. Furnish your home with trendy and stylish ones. Sometimes people spend more than they should when furnishing a house with classy looking furniture. Don’t be the one who falls in this category, visit GrabOnRent to get the most trendy furniture at an unbelievable price.

Here are some pieces of furniture you can use to furnish your home at an affordable cost without compromising the space or the look of your apartment.


Sofa Cum Bed

This is an essential piece of convertible furniture which can do the task of a bed and a sofa all by itself. Yes! That’s correct. You can enjoy the comfy leisure after work and a cozy bed for the night.

Rent Chester Single Futon Sofa Cum Bed just @ Rs 409/Mo. and have comfortable leisure time or a cozy & dreamy sleep.

Chester Single Futon Sofa Cum Bed just @ Rs 409/Mo.

Eric Wardrobe

Staying in an apartment without a closet is just impossible. A wardrobe is a compulsory item to keep the clothes and personal belongings safe.

Rent a 6 Feet Eric Wardrobe just @ Rs 349/mo and keep your clothes in an organized way. Protect all your personal belongings with the stylish wardrobe.

6 Feet Eric Wardrobe just @ Rs 349/Mo.

Television Set

Have time to kill but is boredom killing you instead? Keep a TV at home to enjoy free time watching movies, tv shows, sports and much more.

Rent a 32-inch Full HD LED Television just @ Rs 569/mo and prevent your self from being crushed under boredom.

32-inch Full HD LED Television just @ Rs 569/Mo.


Have a refrigerator is not compulsory, but if you have a budget and space to allocate one, it is recommended to have one. It helps you keep your half left pizza fresh for later consumption and your beers chilled.

Rent 180L Single Door Refrigerator just @ Rs 479/mo and always have chilled drinks in your fridge to release stress on a warm summer day.

Bean Bags

Needless to say, bean bags are one of the most comfortable seating arrangement in the world. Feel like a slob sitting on a bean bag watching a movie with a beer in hand.

Rent Bean Bags(Set of 3) just @ Rs 369/mo and enjoy laziness. We know laziness is the mother of all bad habits, but after all, she is the mother and thus deserves respect! 😉

Bean Bags(Set of 3) just @ Rs 369/mo

If you have your own way of furnishing a studio apartment, feel free to share with us. Comment down below. If you need any of the furniture mentioned above on rent, login into GrabOnRent – India’s leading rental marketplace.