Finding a nice affordable house and then choosing the right furniture for it is never a cakewalk. It is a long process of fixing a budget, looking for furniture types, then mix and match furniture to suit the surroundings. A house becomes a home only when it reflects our style and vibe. Our style vibrates in the way we choose to live and design our home.

That feeling of furnishing the house the way we want is surreal and amazing. But the feeling is not everlasting because we humans strongly believe in the saying, ‘Change is the only constant’. For a few of us, the saying rings the bell more than the word ‘often’. There always comes a time when we get bored with our surroundings or we want a change just to boost our mood or plainly for recreation. You cannot say, you will never be bored. Imagine eating the same food every day or wearing the same clothes, you got to change one day.

Whatever be the reason, few considerations always come up while deciding to change the furniture.

  • What will we do with the old furniture? Resale it or not?  What will be the resale value?
  • The cost of buying new furniture which is never less. You can rent furniture instead to save some cost.
  • The task of looking for the perfect furniture style again.

These considerations are never relieving but we can always come up with our own smart cost-saving ways. Save some cost by renting and mix-match furniture in different ways to create new styles from the same old furniture. Check out these 7 tips to mix-match the same furniture in the Living Room:

1. Decide your Purpose:

Source: Pretty Purple Door

The first thing to do is to know why you are doing it. When you understand your mood, you research accordingly and then it becomes easy to go ahead. The keyword here is, Build a Plan. When you are furnishing your living room, think about what you want to do in this particular space. Will you watch TV? Would you read books here? Do you want to create a meditation corner? Do you want to merge it with the dining area? Is there going to be a space for a bar?

Source: Pinterest

This will give you an image in your head and you can then plan the layout. Research designs in books, magazines and the latest millennial favourite app, Pinterest. Pinterest is my favourite things these days for any sort of suggestion. Pick pieces of furniture that work with your daily lifestyle and personality. 

2. Choose an interesting theme: 

Now that you know why you are doing it, decide how you will do it. Decide a common theme that reflects your personality and mood. The theme should also depend on your budget. You can either choose a minimalistic style with basic whites and lots of free space or you can choose a retro theme. You can decide one theme for the entire house and then play around with different ideas. Choose from contemporary to modern to aesthetic to rustic to any style. The key rule here is; Be you and Choose your style.

3. Splash Colours and Paint Patterns-Shapes:

Now comes the most interesting part of the furniture makeover joyride. One of the best ways to make the same things look different is adding new colours to your room. Changing the patterns and shapes of add-ons like cushions, wall hangings, art pieces is another clever idea. These very easily add a new dimension and taste to your old space and do not add much to your budget.

Use a colour palette according to three things:

  1. The theme you have picked up. Suppose you have chosen a minimalistic theme, go for whites or black. You can even make it look fun by adding colourful pieces that focus your attention on accent furniture only.
  2. The area where you want the attention to go. Plan it according to the way you enter your room. Do trials and take pictures, compare and contrast to understand what looks better.
  3. Your mood around the situation

4. Experiment with the furniture arrangement |Choose your spot:

Vilnius L Shaped Sofa
Vilnius L Shaped Sofa

The couch is the definition of the living room. The first thing that pops up in your head thinking about the living room is the couch. Naturally, its placement and arrangement is the most important thing to do. Know the focal point of the room which could be a fireplace/ big windows/ TV screen/ bookshelf/ big statement art pieces. If you do not know the focal point of your room, simply re-enter the room. The first place where your eyes go to is the focal point of the room. 

Once you know the focal point, arrange the sofa set around it. You can experiment with different arrangements like L-shaped or U-shaped or come up with an idea of your own. You can even create just a mini corner of small couches and leave the rest of the room for experimenting with floor seating arrangement, bookshelf, art pieces. All this will give a dimension and direction to your living room.

5. Multi-purpose furniture to save space:

convertible table

Another cool way to save money and space, other than renting furniture, is to get multi-purpose furniture. You can use the same furniture in different ways and for different things. The mantra here is De-clutter. You can rent the Wally Convertible Table as a bookshelf and a study table/ workstation or you can rent the Impulso Convertible Center Table which acts as beautiful accent furniture and a work station. Check out these cool Convertibles on Rent.

Impulso Covertible
Impulso Convertible Center Table

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6. Make Way for Accent Furniture:

Accent Furniture is like the salt to the food. They are small furniture pieces but without them a room is incomplete. Accent pieces make up for powerful focal points. They can be a small center table or lamps or just beautiful cushion pieces. They add the perfect meaning and helps in completing the decor of a room. They add a pleasing visual aesthetic. Stick to your theme and get accent pieces accordingly. Do not overdo because then your attention will scatter to different areas and that is something you would not want to do.

You can get something for the entry like a chest or a decorative entry piece or you can use small tables. There are many ways to experiment with accent pieces. You spend less on such furniture pieces and completely play around with the look of the living room. Keep jazzing the spirit of the room with the new accents.

7. Lights, DIY, Green plants and Action:

A) Good lighting is a great way to make a room look bigger and feel good. It is better if your room is illuminated with natural sunlight, you can even experiment with cosy lights of different shapes and sizes. While wall lights are necessary, table and floor lamps can illuminate and liven things up.

B) DIY is the new cool trend and you can easily jazz up the boring elements of the room by creating something on your own. I have found this really cool video on DIY. Check it out now!

C) Get some cool drapes for your living room. They add dimension and height to your place. Match it up with a theme or keep in contrast.

D) This is one of my favourite ways to add new life to a living room. Add Green plants, they bring new freshness with them. You will always feel like sitting in your living room. Keep some pots on your window still or just like a table decoration. Play it up with greens. Go Green

Styling should never go out of fashion but a well-planned living room makeover is an added happiness. Follow these simple tips and you will never run out of ideas and of course budget.

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