12 Instagram Fitness Influencer To Follow Today!

Every now and then we all require some motivation to go ahead and reach our goals be it professional or personal. From reaching new heights in your career to reaching new fitness milestones, motivation is the underlying source that keeps us going. To get you all pumped each day and make sure you don’t lose sight of your goals, here are 12 Instagram fitness influencer you’ve got to follow today.

  1. Lauren Simpson (@laurensimpson)

    With over a million followers, this fitness freak is a WBFF (World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation) Pro, WBFF Euro Bikini Champ, and provides online coaching to help people reach their fitness goals. Her Instagram feed is filled with her high-intensity workouts and glamorous photoshoots.  

  2. Malin Björk (@malinbjork)

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    A mom, a wife to be, a fitness guru and a personal trainer. Despite being a mother, Malin has made sure to be her absolute best. A look at her feed and it’s all the inspiration you’ll ever need. Showcasing unbelievable client transformations, sneak peek into her workouts, and empowering women to feel confident in their skin. Go girl power!

  3. Erika Lauren (@erikaweberfitness)

    At just the age of 19, Erika has been able to motivate and inspire others to choose a healthier lifestyle. With just over 44k followers, Erika’s feed is filled with her workout sessions and easy home workouts for those who love to squeeze in a workout wherever they are.

  4. Angela (@angelina.polerina)

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    Angela is breaking the age-old taboo of pole dancing. A self-taught pole dancer, yoga enthusiast and a mum of 3. Angela does a phenomenal job of staying in shape and inspiring many others to follow the fit lifestyle. Her feed is filled with breathtaking pole dancing routines and workouts showcasing her awe-inspiring core strength.

  5. John & Brad Mayo (@mayo_bros_calisthenics)

    This brother duo is sure to motivate you to take fitness seriously. With over 30k followers, their feed is filled with amazing bodyweight workouts with a special focus on agility and mobility.

  6. Eat. Fit. Stay. Healthy (@eat.fit.stay.healthy)

    Your one-stop solution for all your fitness tips, diet plans, and daily motivation. With over 70k people following this page, a quick glance through makes it obvious why. Carefully curated diet plans, food tips, and motivational quotes, this is sure to motivate you to start working out today.

  7. Christina Vargas (@christinavargas)

    A self-made cook, online fitness coach, IFBB Bikini Pro, and a mum who loves to stay fit. Christina’s feed gives an inspiring insight into her journey to being fit again after becoming a mother, along with great nutrition tips and dishes, and tons of high-intensity workouts that sure get the adrenaline pumping.

  8. Dwayne Johnson (@therock)

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    Can you smell what the rock is cooking?
    It would be a crime to leave out the ever joyful hustling-bustling actor from Hollywood. Started as WWF superstar now rules the box office. The Rock’s gives a glimpse of his extravagant life and the tough hours he spends in the gym, and who can forget his enormous diet.

  9. Zac Smith (@zacsmithfitness)

    If you’ve ever wondered what an Instagram profile on steroids looks like, Zac Smith’s feed should give you a rough idea. Jokes aside, Zac is a professional bodybuilder and an online trainer providing custom workout and diet plans for clients. His feed is swamped with client transformation stories and his epic workouts.

  10. Ryan Spiteri (@ryan_spiteri)

    Ryan is an Instagram influencer, a YouTuber, transformation specialist, and WBFF Pro. With more than 1.3 million followers, Ryan’s feed is on fire. Featuring incredible client transformations, health & diet tips, and his incredible workout sessions. He surely seems to be in beast mode.

  11. RAD (@somewhat_rad)

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    Wouldn’t you love to workout with your pets too? Rad does exactly that. A pleasant refresher from all the hustling at the gym, Rad is a huge advocate of Yoga. Sharing her expertise on her blogs and conducting classes too. But what steals the show are the adorable videos of her cats inventing their own asan while doing Yoga with her.

  12. Lilly Sabri (@lillysabri)

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    A physiotherapist, fitness enthusiast, vlogger and blogger, Lilly is really an inspiration. With over 100k followers, her posts consist of easy home exercises, healthy nutritious food, and her exhilarating hiking experiences.


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