It’s that time of the year when chants of “India.. India” make way for the whistles of the Super Kings and roars of the Royals. When players from around the globe unite for their franchise like gallant Knights along with young Daredevils to prove their might on the most dazzling cricketing stage in the history of the sport.


Cricket leagues are no longer a thing of the past with CPL, BBL, BPL, PSL and few more, but there is something about IPL that sets it apart from the rest. Most are seen as an opportunity for “freelance” cricketers to earn few extra bucks before fading into oblivion. IPL on the other hand since its inception has been a stage for unearthing young talent right from the current Indian captain, Virat Kohli to the young Afghanistan sensation, Rashid Khan, and who can deny ENTERTAINMENT of it all!


As this year’s edition of IPL enters its most entertaining and crucial phase as teams battle it out for a spot in the playoffs, match nights are just going to get more common, and there will always be that one cricket fan in the group who’d want to call everyone over. If you are that friend, you have reached the perfect place as I share few ways you can throw the perfect match night party.

Get The Ambiance Right

Let’s get to the trickiest part first, the ambiance. As often said in cricket, there is no margin for error, a little here or there and you might send everyone back to the pavilion in a jiffy. Keep it simple with team flags and dim lights (not too dim to make it seem like a horror movie night.)

Upgrade Your Seating Arrangements

Moving on, if you really expect people to be comfortable bunking on your bed or a mattress on the floor or feel comfortable on plastic chair stacked from college days, you might be mistaken. Throw in a few bags, a couch, and a recliner if you’re feeling a little fancy. Don’t worry not asking you to burn a hole just rent it all.

Savior Of Every Party, FOOD!

You might have some freedom of going fancy with your seating arrangement but not with your food, keep it down to simple starters, chips and other easy to eat items for your friends to munch on watching the thrilling contest of the best teams going toe to toe with each other.

Don’t Forget To Get The Drinks.

Beer by far is the simplest and most apt choice here but it does hurt to go out your way and do a little extra once in a while. Here’s a list of 10 simple cocktails to set the perfect mood for your guests.

Finishing Touches.

If you’ve reached this far, I hate to ask this but I hope you don’t intend to make your friends watch the match on your tiny laptop screen, yes? Please don’t! I know a TV is expensive but that doesn’t mean that should stop you from having fun, you can just rent a TV for the season or a projector screen for just the match.


That wraps up the checklist to throw the perfect match night party for your friends. Enjoy this IPL season and share with me your match night experiences and what you did to make it special for your friends in the comments section below.
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