The Joy of Riding a Bicycle

Cycle. The mere word takes me on a trip down the memory lane. I still remember the time I forced my dad to take those training wheels off from my cycle. I was sure by then I could ride it all by myself. The thrill I got in riding the cycle for the first time ever without any support was exhilarating.

I rode, far across the road while my dad cheered for me. I kept pedaling until I had to stop and turn around, and this was the point when I realised that I had not really learnt to unmount from the cycle safely. The excitement soon turned into panic and I stopped pedaling till the cycle slowed down to a point where it just toppled. It did not inflict many bruises but importantly falling off gave me the confidence to bear the pain and rise again.

As I grew I changed my bicycle from single speed bike with coaster brakes to the one with cable operated caliper brakes on the front and rear. I learnt to take good care of it and it became an extension of myself. Riding to school and racing with friends was symbolism of coolness back then.  We used to roam around the city on our cycles and this was also the time I did my first ‘wheelie’ 🙂

We used to go on short cycle treks around the city. These treks are still my most cherished memories. There were no elaborate planning or WhatsApp groups to finalise the plan back then so we met, decided the place and just left right from there. Life was simple back when we were in school.

As we grew, we graduated from cycles to bikes and a few of us even to cars. We might have lost touch but as they say – “you can never forget to ride a bicycle”. Get your feet back on the pedal of a bicycle and I can assure you, the feeling is truly awesome. In this monotonous lifestyle of ours, a recreational break is critical. You can choose to daily commute on a cycle to the office or go on an occasional cycle trek. Both these options are viable depending on your lifestyle. You never grow too old.

A lot of people spend tons of money to buy brand cycles. Eventually, reality strikes and the cycle would be lying in a corner biting dust and rust. The best way to tackle this is to rent a bicycle and try it before you buy it. Renting or borrowing is a great option especially for occasional cycle treks or weekend getaways.

Within Bangalore, here are the best cycling routes – Jayanagar, Cubbon Park and Airport Road. For the brave-hearted, Bangalore hosts longer routes to test your mettle too. Longer routes include Turahalli Forest, Hesaraghatta, GKVK campus and Rajanukunte. It is advised to start with smaller routes and gradually increase the distance. There are plenty of cycling groups on Meetup as well. It would be great if you can find a support group to help you incorporate regular cycling in your life.

Benefits of riding a cycle are plenty. It, of course, helps in maintaining your health and also curbs the pollution in the city. If you want to do something about the pollution in your city, cycling is the way to go! It is simple and very easy to implement. Needless to say, you earn a regular dose of confidence while riding cycles as you end up saving the environment, burning your calories and striking the reminiscences of your childhood.


There are many places where you can rent a bicycle in Bangalore for occasional trekking or frequent morning rides. GrabOnRent offers you a wide selection and few of them are mentioned here.

  • BMX bikes – These are the low profile bikes with 20 inches (50.8 cm), usually knobby tires. These are for “competition” biking on trails or courses. These bikes are single geared bikes.
  • Racing bikes – These are designed for pure speed with an emphasis on light weight, and place the rider in an aggressive posture. you may see many of these in during Tour de France or other similar tournaments.
  • Touring bikes – These are designed for sustained comfort and carrying heavier loads. It possesses a durable build quality and allow an upright riding position.
  • Mountain bikes With compact frames, stable handling, clearance for wide and knobby tires, and higher handlebars for a more upright position, mountain bikes are designed off-road usage in hilly terrains. Mountain bikes are equipped with sophisticated suspension, disc brake systems and multiple combinations of front-back gears.

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