So, you have a fight with your partner. A terrible one! And, now you are feeling tormented and guilt for feeding the brawl and saddening your better half. Are you?


What’s next?


First things first! When you’re in a relationship, fights are guaranteed. It’s true, especially, when it’s a romance- and love-based relationship. Even the most perfect couples, who madly and deeply love each other, argue and fight, many times, on trivial matters.  But, fights never indicate a dooming relationship.  


Now, coming to the point, let’s know what you can do to reconnect with your sad partner after a huge fight.


Here are some cute, sentimental ways (without breaking the bank) to express your love and shake off a recent fight.

Handwrite An Apology Text

Love and ego can’t be together! If you’re serious about your relationship, put the ego aside and send him/her a sweet, romantic, old-fashioned style note. It’s not who first tried to mend the mess, but it’s about your relationship, which should be free from ego clashes. A love note will certainly make your partner smile and feel loving.

Write your heart out on the paper and pass it to your consort quietly. Don’t forget to explain why you want to end the fight and how important the person is to you. Be around your partner while s/he reads the note.

Cook His Favorite Meal

Cook them their favorite meal to resolve the fight

A survey, conducted by Calphalon – a kitchenware company, revealed that 88% of people in healthy relationships believe that cooking can improve communication among partners. Around 92% people find cooking one of the best ways of showing love.

Try it! Enter the kitchen now and prepare your partner’s favorite dish. Even if you’re not even a basic cook or a guy who never like to deal with ladle and pans, do it for your charming partner. Take help from the internet or call your mom! It may not turn out to be perfect, but will surely melt the heart of your angry beloved.  

We Met, We Married, We Lived, We Love MAP

Do you know some special, memorable places that mean a lot for both of you? If yes, then this little DIY project will certainly make your partner feel happy and so much in love.

Print out the maps of those memorable places. Label them with captions such as we met; we drank, we married, we lived. You can make it even greater by gluing your pictures of that place. Create it, frame it up and hang it up in your bedroom.  

Gift Your Man A DIY Liquor Bouquet

Gift your man an alcohol bouquet to resolve fights

Flowers are great, but not practical, especially for men! They shrivel up after a few days that may give a bad feel to both of you. So, try booze bouquet to jolly along your man.

All you need is – a painted basket, 5-10 liquor bottles, a hot glue gun, wood sticks, decorative material such as ribbons, pearls, metallic paint pens.

Add wood sticks as stems on the back of the bottles. Decorate the basket using decorative material and now place the bottles in the basket. You can also add candies, chocolates, snacks, flowers and love notes! It’ll surely brighten up the face of your guy with a long face.

Cash on Your Close-To-Heart Hilarious Moments

When you’re unsure about what will work, simply bring out some hidden pictures that are very special and personal to you and you don’t want to show it anyone except your partner.  It could be pictures of you or your partner or both of you together doing fun things.

Send these images to your partner who will not be able to ignore them and control their laughter. It is the best way to show that you don’t mind taking the initiative to maintain and nourish your serious relationship.

Hold Your Partner’s Hand and Accept Responsibility for Your Part of Fight

Accept your fault to resolve fights with your partner

The argument takes two persons, and even if you think you’re right, you somehow contributed to blowing it up.

Accept your part and say “I’m Sorry” or “I admit I reacted without listening to your concerns.” It’s easy to blame the others and call them stubborn. But, it involves two-parties not listening to each other because of the ‘EGO’ factor. Figure out what wrongful you did and own up to it.

Your partner will be surprised and pleased, and chances are s/he will admit the wrongful they did during the quarrel.


Also, don’t forget the things you should never do after a fight with your partner–

  • Announce your fight publically or on social media
  • Hold on the anger
  • Rejecting the apology from your partner
  • Act as if nothing happened and giving them the cold shoulder
  • Mentioning Divorce
  • Having make-up sex when one or both you of don’t feel it
  • Thinking about of the cause of  the squabble


Lastly, if nothing works to make up with your significant other after a huge fight, just run and give them a tight hug.  

And, say “Fight with me. Shake me, cry with me, yell or scream at me. Be utterly annoyed and fed up with me. But, just stand your ground and love me.”

Relationships are precious. Handle them delicately and keep safe in the coffer of your heart. And, cherish the love that bounds you together.


I, hope you enjoyed the read and that some of this tips will help you a long way in resolving your fights with your beloved partner. Share with us your ways of resolving conflicts with your partner in the comments section below.