The FIFA world cup, 2018 has been a heart-wrenching experience so far. For all the die-hard fans of the favorites, it’s been a tumultuous ride. And for all the viewers who watched just for the thrill, it’s been fantastic. With theatrical diving, and unexpected turnarounds there remain just three words to describe it- Entertainment, entertainment, and more entertainment!!

The all European semi final lineup guarantees one thing though. The cup is going to Europe. But who’s going to win it? France, England or Croatia? It remains to be seen.

The unpredictability so far proves one thing though. No one can guess what’s going to happen. Unless you are related to Paul the octopus. If you are, here’s a link where you can earn through your prediction skills.

The whole world is going to be glued to their televisions this Sunday. There’s no reason you should miss out. Here are some tips to make your FIFA final the most exciting night this football season.

  • Watch it with the gang

Watching football together makes better relationships, true story. Invite your friends over for a match night party. You can also go ahead and ask them to wear the colours of the team they are supporting. This will not only build a great environment but also bring in some cheeky comments with every missed chance.

Pro Tip: If you have die-hard fans in your gang, be extra careful. These guys get emotional at the smallest opportunities. Avoid skirmishes with them if you can, they won’t think twice before using their fists or chugging your beer.

  • Set up for the perfect party

Now that you have instructed everybody to reach your house at 7:30 pm IST (Exactly an hour before kick-off), you need to start planning for everything else. Where’s everybody going to sit, where you are gonna keep refreshments and most importantly what are you going to watch it on.?You can’t have everyone staring at a 14’ laptop screen!

Thankfully, I am here for you. Here’s a great place where you can get a TV at extremely affordable prices. And you don’t even have to buy it! If you don’t have a tv connection, don’t worry, these guys rent out Amazon Fire Sticks as well.

Alright, you have the TV ready. Now for setting up the pad. Instead of going over a hundred products to buy the perfect sofa, you can rent it. If you like it, extend, and if you don’t, return it. You don’t even have to think of maintaining it. Everything’s covered. To check out some amazing options, check their page out.

Pro Tip: Comfort is the most important factor when you have friends over. People are not gonna be sitting in one place during a match as exciting as this one. And all the shuffling about is going to get on everybody’s nerves. Fortunately, modern innovation has made our life a lot easier. The answer is simple, bean bags! Here’s a set to sort you out.

  • Where’s the food?

Football makes people hungry, trust me. And if you’re hosting a party, you might as well order some food. There are three kinds of people now, people who eat healthy, people who want to eat healthy but don’t and people who simply don’t care.

For some healthy dinner options, you can go for Eat.FitIf you have people in either of the other two categories, you can go for more conventional options like UberEats, Swiggy or Zomato

Pro Tip: With any football match, it is customary to have at least four buckets of popcorn, three packs of nachos with dip and lots and lots of beer. If you are not the drinking type, you can get lots and lots of soft drinks. They work well too.

Anyway, here’s an amazing website that’ll help you choose your drinks wisely, and also allow you to order for the afterparty.

You are prepared now, you have your friends ready to come over, your house is set and your food is on the way. Enjoy yourself and have a blast. Cheers to an insane FIFA world cup final!


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