9 Common Myths About Millennials And Their Truth

The most stereotyped generations ever would be the Millennials – roughly around 21 to 35 years old now. Millennials are commonly believed to be the generation that defines utmost laziness, increased narcissism and disregard for the future. According to some, we are the most innovative generation while many insist that we are the worst ever.

how millennials fare against generation y

So what are the best qualities of us?

  • Spirited entrepreneurs – we like to create opportunities through innovative ideas
  • New challengers  we challenge the government and businesses to be more transparent and responsible along with being more responsive
  • Optimistic realists  we are redefining socio-economic and environmental responsibility while we plan for sustainable growth

Here we have what exactly these millennial myths are and what actually we, millennials are proven to be capable of.

  1. They prefer the virtual world than reality

    With the fastest technology growth in the era of the millennials, they are often misunderstood to lag in-person communication skills and prefer texting. Many claim they love to have family and friends time for they trust the opinion of people they know over the opinions of a complete stranger on the internet.

    Moreover, though this generation is heavily immersed and dependent on technology. Ironically, it’s the previous generations that are spending more time on social media or smartphones.

  2. They are lazy

    If sleeping late and waking up post 8 am, is considered lazy, let me tell you that the world is growing more towards entrepreneurship. Startups have much more fun along with creative work, rather than the typical 9-5 jobs of Gen X or Boomers. Millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation. Compared to the Boomers or Generation X, we are creating twice the business opportunities, than them.

  3. Their life is richfinancial outlook of the millennial generation

    Considering the carefree outlook towards life, we are often treated as though we have no value for money. The millennials are the worst paid generation ever. The real median income for people aged 18-34 years old has decreased by 14% in the last 13 years. Every 1 out of 5 millennial lives in poverty.

  4. They can’t save

    With the urban culture and high pocket money needs, we are often clichéd to be the spendthrifts. What they don’t understand is that the prices of everyday things have gone up compared to their generation. A recent study claims that millennials hold smarter saves at the age of 23 years, parallel to 26 years for Generation X and 32 years for the Boomers.

  5. They believe that their career is the utmost priorityjob satisfaction among millennial generation

    Millennials are often accused of being more career oriented. But the bitter truth is that there is 40% more unemployment in our generation. Moreover, in our society, being unemployed is much more a sin than trying to find the perfect opportunity for you!

  6. They feel education isn’t important

    Just because there are many dropouts who end up being successful, the millennials are blamed for not taking education seriously. It needs to be understood that with technology and the world growing to newer peaks every day, the education system needs a change. Also, higher education is getting longer and as per surveys, the millennials are the most educated generation ever. The cost of going to college now compared to 1975 is 308% more expensive.

  7. They are job hoppers

    With job cutting as a trend and seeing pensions thrown out of the talk with long term employees laid off soon as the newer tech enters the market, are we to blame for being smart?
    As per reports, Millennials show a more responsible attitude serving up to 3-6 years in their first company in contrast to 6 – 12 months served by previous generations.

  8. They are irresponsible about lifetime commitments

    Compared to other generations, we millennials have delayed milestones in life. This, very much misunderstood criticism against us, mainly because we are in the education phase for a longer time than Gen X or the Boomers, and eventually we end up in setting our careers late.

    Also, with a majority of marriages ending up in divorces, as we have seen the sharp increase in this domain in the Generation X itself, the millennials would like to take it slow and we do prefer live – in relationships which ease the responsibility and serve the purpose of commitment.

  9. They are financially irresponsible and avoid long term investments

    The commitment to getting our own house or buying a new car is quite silly considering the fact that we are THE worst paid generation. We seek easier and smarter options for renting as per our needs. We do take the help of friends to manage our rented homes and we set our home with the help of renting companies like GrabOnRent which offer fun and comfort at the least possible price and maintenance!

The final verdict!

We, millennials are the result of hardships due to recession, unemployment and raising global concerns. We indeed are a generation bound by logical reasoning, adding long term value, and living our today in the best we can. 

Millennials indeed are the children of change that will bring about innovation, and drive change. We are capable of making a change that they didn’t dare to. From forming global conglomerate to enabling people to book cabs on the go. From building smarter homes to providing smarter means of setting up a house. We have transformed the approach to life – college and career, while we focus on globalization with the sustainable growth of the economy with more and more tags of entrepreneurship!

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