Bangalore is a heartwarming city where you can chase your dreams and find your own identity. It is a place where it is easy to find that bar or microbrewery that just calls your name or a neighbourhood that suits your personal pace of life, or a company that can give you your big break in life. Despite being one of India’s most progressive cities, Bangalore maintains a lot of charm thanks to the well-preserved colonial architecture and an abundance of parks and green space by which it gets its name “The Garden City Of India“.

A diversified population is enveloped in this beautiful garden city. You can find every kind of human being that exists in the world. From a new-born professional to an experienced person, a hardcore party popper to a neat freak, a careless slothful slugger to an inhuman workaholic. And so are their lifestyles as crazy as they are; a well expensive lifestyle to a simple down-to-earth lifestyle. But it is not very difficult to survive in these wildlands. Let me give you a breakdown of how would your cost of living vary on the basis of the lifestyle you choose to live.



If you are a person who needs a lavish easy going life, who likes to party at home or always have some company around you then you would want to have a flat. The approximate cost goes something like this:

    • Per month rent for a 1BHK nears INR 5k – INR 15k + Electricity – INR 250+
    • Per month rent for a 2BHK nears INR 15k – INR 25k + Electricity – INR 500+
      • Per month rent for a 3BHK nears INR 25k – INR 40k + Electricity – INR 1000+
    • Per month rent for a 4BHK nears INR 40k – INR 60k and  + Electricity – INR 2000+

But if you are can share your space with someone or if you have to bring down your expenses to the minimum borderline then you can get accommodation in PG or shared-living like Grexter. This will cut down your cost and bring it about INR 8K – INR 10K per month including food and amenities.

The security deposit is another addition to your cost. It is a minimum of 10 month’s rent which can be negotiated up to 7-8 months. Also, if you live in a PG the security deposit is a minimum 1 month’s deposit.

Once you have zeroed down the area and type of accommodation, go for house hunting in person. Check the housing conditions, rental terms, security and locality before locking down anything. You can be prepared beforehand about the places you would want to hunt by posting or replying in facebook groups made specifically for this like Flats and Flatmates (Bangalore Chapter), Flats and Flatmates Bangalore to name a few. You can also check many online websites and apps which provide rental housing options like Nestaway, NoBroker, Makaan etc.



Like perspective of every human is not the same, likewise, the taste buds and the stomach tank of every human is also not the same. Some people eat to survive while others survive to eat! At a bare minimum, for a day a person has to spend INR 100 per meal. But if your taste buds are a bit choosy, then it would come approximately INR 200 a meal from some good and average restaurants. And if you are a taste freak or a snack hogger then you can simply assume you daily food expenses to be around INR 300 – INR 400. You can use food ordering apps like Zomato, Swiggy and Uber Eats which offer great deals on food delivery. You can also hire a maid at an average budget of INR 2000 per month.


Now this varies on lots of factors. Whether you own a vehicle or you choose to use a mode of public transport, whether you have a requirement to travel or you live near your workplace/college. So if you are living near your office place, you wouldn’t need to travel much but if you are travelling via public transport the charges go with the transport that you take. Buses generally have a fare from INR 5 – INR 100 depending on the distance and the type of bus you take ( AC/Non AC ). Metros cost from INR 10 – INR 50. Now there is also a pass system established to ease life. So, in conclusion, it will come roughly about INR 50 per day for two way travel per day.



The extras include watching movies, going out with friends for partying, eating at a diner, travelling to local sightseeing near around in Bangalore. Considering that you watch 1 movie, dinner/lunch meal, party, sightseeing the expense will come approximately to INR 1.5k – INR 2k.


So the baseline is that you want to live a simple and comfortable lifestyle you can make it within INR 10-INR 12K. This will include living in PG with food and amenities plus travel of INR 1.5K. But if you are looking to lead a more comfortable lifestyle you would have to spend a minimum of INR 15K even if you share it with someone.

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