It’s festive season again!


Time to hustle around get the house cleaned, put on a few extra pounds munching on some homemade sweets, welcomed to a barrage of gifts, and the lights from all around illuminating the dark sky.


In a nutshell that is the truest essence of Diwali.


It would be of little mistake to assume Diwali to be the most favourite festival for all. Why wouldn’t it be? For most of us, Diwali doesn’t just mark a festival, there is a sense of emotion that would easily surpass that of Sachin scoring his 100th ton.


Okay, maybe not.


It might just be the feeling of letting that shopaholic free. From redecorating your living room to that priceless jewellery you’ve had your eyes on. Diwali is the perfect time for it!


So, before you go berserk on your wallet read on to find out what exactly should you have on your shopping list this Diwali:

  • Ethnic Clothing.

    Clothes that you must have this diwali.
    It would probably be a good idea to keep the messy don’t-want-to-leave-my-bed look a break this Diwali. Carry on the age-old tradition, get yourself a pair of ethnic clothing this season. With so many options to choose from online clothes should be the last thing you need to be worrying this year.  

  • Trendy Furniture.

    Furnitures that you must have this diwali
    Planning to redecorate your home or planning to get rid of old furniture this Diwali? Now, get your old furniture exchanged at our online store, and get 25% additional value on your furniture. Rent trendy elegant furniture and redesign your home without breaking into a sweat.

  • Decorations & Lights.

    Lights must have this diwali
    The festival of lights would be a little ironical without decorations and lights. This Diwali, decorate your house with diyas, LED lights, and rangolis, indulge in the vibrancy of the festival and light away the darkness.

  • Air Purifiers.

    Air purifiers must have this diwali
    Over the last decade, huge spikes in air pollution levels have been observed during Diwali. With temperatures reaching new highs and soaring levels of air pollution. This year, choose a healthier lifestyle, rent air purifiers, and save yourself from the harmful toxins from firecrackers that fill the air.

  • Traditional Delicacies.

    Must haves this diwali
    How can the festival of lights be complete without mouth-watering delicacies like gulab jamun, jalebis, barfi and much more. Go on order yourself some few extra pounds this season and spread the sweetness around.


This Diwali, stay safe and make the most of your experiences. And from the team at GrabOnRent

Happy Diwali
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