New dress, club hopping plans and party, you have sorted it all for this New Year? After all, you are in your 20’s so it is obvious to feel a ball of anxiety knotting your stomach while thinking of New Year celebration.  


A whole of 365 days of possibilities, challenges, lessons and champagne hangovers is waiting ahead.  Whether you are stepping into the 20’s or already in the mid 20’s, you know that you’re “all grown up.” The 20s is the age of making big decisions, big changes and making plenty of mistakes along the way. Mostly, though, these are the years of your life to define your future, reset your goals and put your best foot forward.


So, why not make a pact with your mind, to better your world, starting on January 1? Here is a list of resolutions every 20-somethings should embrace in the New Year for the new beginning.

I’ll get into shape

New Year's Resolution to go from fat to fit

This is the first thing that crosses our mind when we think of New Year resolution. Mid -20’s is the great time to cut off some calories or get into a perfect shape. Going to the gym every time doesn’t have to be total lifestyles overhaul, but having a side salad instead of French Fries won’t kill you right? If going to the gym still feels a herculean task that finds no place in your task list, just set up a gym at your home with fitness equipment on rent, and hustle your way to the fit life. To get you started, go through our guide of simple at home workouts.

I’ll travel somewhere new

New Year's Resolution to travel

Again, your 20’s gives you more freedom than other decades in life to travel to new places. Be it the dream of backpacking through Europe, or driving across the country, it’s time to go ahead. After all, you won’t want to regret later. If there is a place you want to explore, vow to make it happen this year. Sometimes a brief stroll through the park or a bike ride does wonder to improve the mood and mental health.

I’ll spend more time with my family

New Year Resolution to spend more time with family

The older we get, the harder it becomes for us to stay close to our family. During the journey of life as a teenager, we can’t even realize when your family faded into the background, and your friends had become the most important people you know. It’s the age of 20 to realize that it’s your family who will always be there for you no matter what.  

This year, make it a point to have some quality time with your parents and extended family on more than just festivals and celebrations.

I’ll cut ties with the toxic relationship

New Year's resolution to reduce toxicity from life

Are you in a toxic relationship that makes you feel regretful all the time? It’s not working, but you are too stubborn to admit it. Life is too short, and you have only one life to enjoy. Why squander your time with people who bring you down?

This year take a pledge to say goodbye to all that. Let the New Year see the new you. Redefine the influences in your life, and decide which ones are worthwhile. 

I’ll spend less time on social media

New Years Resolution to reduce social media

Well, we know this one is a bit harder even seem impossible, but if you manage to do it, you will be amazed to see the consequence.   As a youth of 20’s our world revolves around our phones and we think it’s cool to update every moment of our life on Facebook or Twitter.  The era of selfies doesn’t give us time to think outside of our phone. It seems to appear like we need selfies and social media to be alive instead of food water and air.

Well, we won’t say to abandon the social media as we know it’s something next to impossible.  But we can at least lessen the time of using it. Unplugging a little bit the next years can make you realize how great the real world is.

I’ll try to learn something new

New Years Resolution to learn something new

Is there something that you’ve been itching to learn?  Be it the new language, sport, craft or skill; include it into your resolutions list to give it a go. With a plethora of tutorials, guides, podcasts, and lessons floating around on the internet, you have no excuse to start it right now.

I’ll learn how to deal with stress and emotions

New Years Resolution to take care of emotional and mental stress

Let it be the bills, love life, roommates or jobs; there is always something that makes us feel stressed. The bumpy ride of stressful situations that comes along with the adulthood in 20’s can negatively impact your overall health.  

So, it’s crucial to find a way out of it. No one knows you better than yourself, so find out what can make you calm or relaxed. It can be yoga, weed, meditation, writing or taking a long hot bubble bath. Take the pledge in this New Year to find out how to combat the stress and relax.

I’ll follow the hymn of Spend a little, save a little, and give a little

New Years Resolution to save more

It’s okay to have fun in your 20’s, but this is the time to be smart with your money. You can skip the weekly expenses of the fast food and online sale. You may say you don’t care, but you know what you are going to thank yourself for saving up to live somewhere better in the years to come.

And lastly, donate to your favorite charity. Although it doesn’t have to be a lot, it’s important to give back. Pledge to do at least one random act of kindness for others in each month as little effort of being kind to others goes a long way and help make the world a better place.

Winding up

Last but the most important resolutions you must need to make is to follow these resolutions strictly. As no matter how many resolutions you plan, it is of no use unless you make up your mind to stick to it.  Bring into play the ideas mentioned above as your starting point to make it the best year till now. Good luck and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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