Okay, so this is completely dedicated to the women folks. Are you girls getting all tired of the same old, Saturday nights where you go out to a pub and party? Who says you always have to go out to have fun with your gal pals? You can have a girls’ night out which can be just as enjoyable as an evening out on campus or off. So, skip all the expensive pub evenings and gather up your BFFs. Get ready for a memorable time with these girls’ night out ideas.

girls night out

The Movie/TV Shows Marathon Night

Celebrate in style with a movie night or a complete season of your favorite tv shows. Have all sorts of dramas, horror flicks, rom-coms, sitcoms, and thrillers. Download the latest chick flicks — or watch it on Netflix/Amazon prime. Have a marathon of the latest Oscar nominees if that’s more your style — and make the occasion extra fancy with pizzas, burgers, fries, and some beer/wine.


Give Yourselves a treat with some Fun Games

Whether it’s a board game bash like ludo/monopoly, loud round of charades, truth or dare, or laugh out loud with Pictionary (note: Including booze is an added bonus to the game. It rewards higher amount of laughter.) Boost up the energy on your girls’ night in with a game night. Have fun arguing and quarreling on choosing teams too!  Here’s a suggestion, get a bet in place. This will help kick’in the game up a notch.


Have a Trippy Night

If you and your gal pals like being trippy, throw in some great booze, put on some music of abstraction with some great “herbal lifeforms” which is available around you (If you know what I mean by it). Dance and sway to the rhythm of the music, order great food and trip.

Turn the night into a Boozy ChittyChatter night

Okay, so I know chatting and gossiping is one of the favorite tasks(no offense). So put on some music, and let the chattering of the ladies begin. Discuss the love lives and covert the chattering into a spicy gossip about your other mates who did not come to your girls’ party. This can become a great way to turn your simple night into one of those spicy gossip nights you see in movies and shows.


Be a Kid Again

When all else fails, host your own dance party and twirl like nobody’s watching. Sing karaoke. Take out your old scrappy pictures and laugh about it. Host a scavenger hunt. Play games like a pillow fight, hide and seek or 20 questions. Blast music that was popular when you were a kid, and serve your favorite treats from growing up. You’re never too old to enjoy the simple things.


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